Rise of robots :the future of artificial intelligence

Robot brains based on computers that executes 100trillion instructions per second will start rivalling human on intelligence (Source: SCIAM)
In recent years the mushrooming power, functionality , and ubiquity of computers and the internet have outstripped early forecasts about technology’s rate of advancement and usefulness in everyday life . Alert pundits now foresee a world saturated with powerful computer chips, which will increasingly insinuate themselves into our gadgets ,dwelling, apparel, and even our bodies. Yet a closely related goal has remained stubbornly elusive . In stark contrast to the largely unanticipated explosion of computers into the main stream , the entire endeavour of robotics has failed. Rather completely to livets to the predictio of the 1950s . In those days experts who were dazzled , by the seemingly miraculous calculation ability of computers though that he only the shiv software were written, computers could become the artificial brains of sophisticated autonomous robots within a decade or two, they believed , such robots would be cleaning our floor, mowing our lawns and, in general ,eliminating drudgery from our lives. Obviously ,it hasn’t turned out that way. It is true that industrial robots have transformed the manufacture of automobiles, among other products. But that line of automation is a cry from the versatile , mobile, autonomous creation that so many scientist and engineers have hoped for. In persuit of such robots,waves of researches have grown disheartened and scores of startup companies have gone out of business. It is not the mechanical body that is unattainable of, articulated arms and other moving mechanisms adequate for manual work already exist, as the infusvick robots attest. Rather, it is the computer based artificial brain that is still well below the level of sophistication needed to build a human like robot. Nevertheless , i an convinced that the decades , old dream of a useful, general purpose autonomous robot will be realized in the ..cont.


About bruceleeeowe
An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

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