Alien life :Next thinking[ PART:4]

Gold’s life forms, if they exist, would most likely be micro organism capable of with standing enormous pressure and temperatures, living in tiny roses inside rock deep within the Earth’s crust . They could draw energy from dissolved gases and surrounding minerals.
It is speculative but logical that there could be a large biochemical system very deep down which works better at high temperatures and pressures.
Others are sceptical. Dr. Harold Klein, who headed the viking project that searched for sign of life on Mars in 1970 pointed out that silicon was far inferior to carbon at forming the complex polymer , he urges, future mission to Mars to carry an instrument to test for non carbon based organisms. Just in case, it is possible that the chemistry of silicon allowed sufficiently by great temperature and pressure deep in Earth to make it more suited to forming ampley molecules.
Some scientist at the American space agency were treating this idea seriously, particularily with a view to searching for ET life.
It is is almost naive to assume all life must be carbon based. It could be possibly make good cases for life based on silicon and phosphorus. Silicon is used by some carbon based single cell organisms called diatoms to form protective shells, according to form Dr. David Williams, a diatom researcher at the natural history museum in London. But diatoms are still fundamentally carbon based.
However, bizarre organisms have been found in recent years deep in Earth’s crust. According to Steve Tores,”There’s an unknown universe down there that has already produced organisms with metabolism so strange that, by comparison , man and mushroom are identical.


About bruceleeeowe
An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

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