Alien life :From the events[ PART:1]

On july 25th, 2001 a strange rain began to fall over Kerala, India. For three months intermittent reports of colored rains came in from a several hundred kilometers long strip of coastal India. Just prior to the first reported cases of red rains, reports of sonic booms in Kerala region suggested that perhaps a comet or asteroid disintegrated high in the atmosphere, a phenomenon known as airburst. Two scientist Godfrey Louis and A. Santosh kumar collected sample of that rain and reported that red coloration came from unidentified particle which shown biological activity. Did they uncover the first hard evidence of alien life on Earth?
The motion is that ET life is occasionally transported to Earth, or perhaps even originally seeded life on Earth itself, is known as pansphermia(The philosphical of pansphermia has an ancient history, but it gained rod scientific considerations with the support of Lord Kelvin in late 19th century.)
A few decades later one of the world’s premier astronomers , Fred Hoyle, advanced the pansphermia cause with his that periodic infusions of ET life helped to advanced genetic evolution of life on Earth but pansphermia fell out of favor, as did many ideas about ET life, when marriner 9 return images of Mars showing it to be rocky , desolate waste land. Astronomers have discovered increasingly complex organic molecules in intersteller clouds, and in 1996, geologist announced the discovery of structure within a Martian meteorite that appeared to biological origin. That claim has since been largely refuted, but jus another Martian meteorite was announced that supposely contains unusual compounds and structures that indicate ET life activity. The scientist note that the pattern of colored rain reports matches what would be expected he a meteorite released tiny spores that gradually rained down over the land. Scientists are continuously working on that.
It is the great day, whenever ET life will be found on Earth on other planets.


About bruceleeeowe
An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

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