Greys: Another alien race

When any one think about alien simply an image of alien with large head and flat nose appears in his mind even me. Greys are most encountered race of alien. People who are in contact with them are believing that they are kind race , come here to enlighten world with advanced technology. They are assumed to be having height 3.5 to 6feet tall with large head in proportion to their body. What does everyone think of the theory of that the Greys are the evolution of cetacean species , like dolphin and whales on Earth? The skin of a grey is very similar to that of dolphins in texture and in most cases, coloration. On terra cetacean evolved legs and arms to function on land. X-ray analysis shows the residual appendages in modern days dolphin and whales as being comparable in skeletal structse to that of land dwelling mammals. It is possible that grews evolved much like Terran dolphins did,but remain on land to continue developing. Next is skull shape: the greys have a large rounded skull much similar that of a dolphins.The eyes of greys are large and with what appears to protective shielding as in dolphins and other aquatic mammals.
Also there appears to be three types of”Greys “each of which claiming to be come from different solar systems:There are ones from the ZETA Reticuli2 star system ,the ones from orion star systems and last from the Bellatrix star system.(


About bruceleeeowe
An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

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