Mission to MARS

Mission to MARS is a science fiction now but scientists believe that they have found a way of protecting astronauts from a dangerous source of space radiation, thus lifting a major doubt clouding the dream to send human to mars. Their break through takes forward ideas born in golden age of science fiction,including a proton shieldused in a TV show “Star trek”, says one of researchers. Space weatheris one of the greatest challenge facing Mission Red Planet from three decades from now. Even the shortest trip will take about 18month to reach to mars. During this period, the crew would be exposed to sub atomic particles that whizz throug DNA like a got knife from butter causing cancer and other disorders. The peril has been known for nearly a half century but has seems insoluble because pricing costs and technological. Some experts have vowed with the idea of shielding the crew with lead or massive tank of water but difficulties to lifting it up are mind spinning. Another idea born in 1960, would swathe the spaceship with replica of Earth own magnetic field as our two pole field deflect cosmic rays, protecting life on Earth. According to there calculations it has to produce such field to hundred of miles across like a bubble but such equipment will be huge and drain the the energy supply and harm the crew. The another is to kept plasma in high magnetic field. It is most important to miniaturised the equipments, them we have hope to mission mars or we have increase speed of our spacecraft so that we can reach there about in a month . It will be memorable day of human’s advanced science and begining of intersteller travells.


About bruceleeeowe
An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

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