Intergalactic internet:HOPE for intersteller space

To travell in intersteller space ,a better solution is proposed: why not create an inter galactic internet? Send, small , self replicating research probes to other stars . Once there, they build copies of themselves and continue to explore outwards , relaying a steady stream of information back on Earth. These self replicating probes also known as Von Neumann machines, are named after their inventor John Von Neumann. The beauty of this idea is once you manage to construct the first self replicating machine the rest is automatic. The probes would expand into space geometrically , spreading rapidly to fill the whole universe. Once established , this network could be used for communication ,and localization of new earth like planets to colonize . As of now , building machines that work well unassisted remains a problematic task for even the best scientis if recent unmanned mission failure are any indication. A self replicating robotic probe seems distant indeed. Travell in intersteller space represents a huge challenge to humankind. For now, it remains in realm of science fiction- but soon, who knows? Can we will be able to travell in intersteller space ? This question remains till any probe or shuttle reaches to the surface of any intersteller planet. Next what..


About bruceleeeowe
An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

One Response to Intergalactic internet:HOPE for intersteller space

  1. Bruceleeeowe says:

    Hmmmm……these machines are not discovered yet but are suggested as a rising possibiliy in few decades or may be centuries. Who knows the limit of tech. That’s all.

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