Intersteller travell: Solar sails[Part:1]

With current space travel limited to just a few robotic probes visiting nearby planets, how realistic is it to think about reaching near by stars. Not at this time but I think after long term 50or even 100years chances are good mankind will have missions, to unmanned to start with, travelling to stars in our galactic neighbourhood.
Battl we already have spacecraft venturing into intersteller space. Pioneer and voyager probes, 2each, have reached the sun’s escape velocity and now forever outward bound. The fastest voyager is travelling at 62000kilometer/hour. Even at that tremendous speed it is painfully slow when intersteller distances are involved. It would take over 17000years to reach to reach nearer star proxima Centaury, which is just at 4.22 ly. With a theoritical speed limit imposed by EINSTEIN’s theory of relativity , the speed of light, even the closest stars are very far away indeed, but if you take into consideration the rapid pace of advancement, things look brighter, if this holds true for next few hundred years, we will able to travell to the nearest stars(may be I)with relative ease. Predicting the future however, is not easy. We simply lack even the basic theories to travell at above light speed making the engineering of intersteller space drive even furthe away. There are however, few interesting ideas within theoretical limits. A study by NASA IN 1998 identified 3 propulsion technologies that might enable exploration beyond our solar system. Antimatter, fusion and light sails. Light sails are currently most technologicaly viable of these three. The basic idea is to use huge lasers to sup an object out of solar system. Although it sounds strange that a light pushing an object , photon do exert very small force over object they hit. Since force is small, the object offer to be large and light weight like sails. It also needs to be reflective otherwise produce can reach to nearest star in 10years.


About bruceleeeowe
An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

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