World’s Largest Snake

Titanic Boa

Titanic boa is largest snake ever discovered. They were between 12 and 15 meter or 33 to 49feet in length and weight about 1135kg or 2500lbs with a diameter of 1 meter at the thickest part of the body.

SCIENCE-PALAEONTOLOGY-ANIMALS-SNAKEIt is believed to have lived approximately 60 to 58 million years ago, in paleocene epoch. It was recently discovered in columbia.


Gigantophis Garstini is another prehistoric snake believed to have measured more than 10 meters, larger than any living species of snake. It was the largest snake before the discovery of Titanoboa. Gigantophis lived approximately 40million years ago in Southern Sahara where Egypt and Algeria situated.


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  4. Tom Baker says:

    That’s a big snake. Let’s wait to see how long it takes to make a poorly put together SyFy movie about it.

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