The Lindorms (DRAGON)



A 19th century scandinallian creature rumored to be a mythical dragon like beast. It is often seen the country(SWEDEN) around marshes, caves and large bodies of water. There have been 40plus eyewitness accounts of this creature. Reports have the Lindorms being 10-20 long, with a body as a man’s thigh, black with yellow flammed belly, a mouth full of white shining sharp teeth, large saucer like eyes, and widely body. It behaves like a snake when cornered. It will rear up on It’s tail in a strike on pounce stance, behave in an aggressive and powerful manner and is also very ill tempered. It is difficult to destroy and when successfully killed will emit a foul smelling odor when in final death throes. Lindorms remain on land until too large to move about easily them it takes to the water where it again begins to grow. Although there are many witnesses, there has been no physical evidence of the existence of Lindorms which has led some to believe in “collective hallucinations”. However, due to high rumor of first hand accounts, not to mention the absurdity of collective or group hallucinations, it is more likely to have been a very live creature at one time and perhaps still. It doesn’t likely that 40plus witnesses could describe it unless they have actually seen it. What do you feel ? Tell me leaving your comment


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An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

9 Responses to The Lindorms (DRAGON)

  1. bruceleeeowe says:

    There reports may be truth although there no solid proof including blurry photographs, but science can’t dismiss all eyewitness as it is quite possible that at the instant equipments were not available to be photographed. I think it is very difficult to take high quality and detailed photograph when such unknown and mysterious creature ,about which we have never listen nor seen, is before us. There are previously such creatures are present between us which were thought to be rumor till they were found, like gorilla which was reported as big meat eating monkey like creature, untill it was found alive in 1847. The another example is komodo found alive in 1912 in some islands of indonesia. It was first reported as big ,fierce, meat eating lizard and scientists were discarding its witnesses. The another third is Coelacanth found alive in in 1938. Now it is known as “living fossil”. Then how we can discard all witnesses of such monsters including Loch Ness monster? It is quite possible these creatures may still alive in deep sea and we have no access to them technically.

  2. Miesen says:

    As you have written above may be quite possible but how we can believe in which seems totally imagination of one’s mind.

  3. Ånen Munkejord says:

    Before I knew anything about lindorms, I saw one in action when I was eleven years of age in 1962. Being unaware of the literature on cryptozoology, I remained unable to identify the creature until 2005. I`ve written an account of the experience in the norwegian language. It bears a resemblance to the swedish sightings. The creature tried to attack me but was possibly hindered by the narrow crevice in which it was situated, so I managed to escape in time. Its movements were unusual and scaring, involving – among other things – very quick and powerful revolving of body while torso formed a tray-like spiral with head in the “open” end of the “tray” and the end of the tail anchored to the inside of a tiny opening in the rock. The orm then resembled a propeller or a beater. When it let loose of its hold on the rock and began to move towards me, I ran away. It all took place at a craggy spot bordering a bog.

    • bruceleeeowe says:

      I know, generally dragons are very aggressive in nature(though I’ve not encountered any, however witnesses like you told us). Well, where you’ve encountered such rare creature? Just a matter of curiousity.

  4. Thank’s for sharing this
    This is really interesting

  5. opit says:

    Not to carp, but I can’t focus old eyes on bright yellow glare print. It might as well be written in invisible ink. ( Since my eyes are damn good and I’m not much older than you I rather wonder about that. )
    The Chinese were known admirers of ‘lung’ : similar to dragons. And UFOlogy takes detours into dragon lore : I’m actually hunting one of my old notes on Del, on invisible ( camoflauged) dragons impersonating people at the moment – between posts.

    • bruceleeeowe says:

      It certainly doesn’t need to focus my or yours eyes on that matter. It requires investigators and governments focus only(I think so). Ufology takes detour into dragon lore. Of course but sometimes not often.

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