Earthly cave bacteria hint at Martian Life

It was the first underground movement in planet’s history: primitive bacteria that lived 2.75billion years ago built themselves caves to live in, according to new study. Today , traces they left behind are stocking hopes that similar life forms could exist on Mars. Early Earth was probably same as Mars in environment filled with radiation and strikings of ultra violet radiation. Most life at the time protected itself by living in oceans, or excreting thin films of material that acted as biological shields. The earliest ethodence of subterranean life was 1.5billion years ago until now. Researcher have found what they believe is evidence that bactecric nearly nearly as old lived on the roofs of tiny hollows in lake and river sediments just a centimeter or so talk and couple of millimeters across, the ‘ caves’ aren’t much to look at. But they formed in curious fashion: bacteria grew in air tight sheets, which inflatted like balloons as they trapped methane has. Peering up through the sediments. ThE cavities were protected and probably had water seeping throug. The team finding, published this month in journal geology, strengthens a longstanding hypothesis that similar life on Mars may be hiding out on Mars. Today the martian surface is desolate, and probably too harsh to support life, thoug much colds, It’s similar in many ways to the early Earth as I have mentioned previously and new discovered hints of water provide hope that life underground is still gaming on. “By 2.75billion years ago, you’ve got life on land and in the sea , so life in cave is not that shocking,” Robert Rye of the University of Southern California said. “On the other hand It’s nice to know that we have evidence of life in a potentially good analogue environment for underground voides on Mars.


About bruceleeeowe
An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

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