Time Travell: my aspects

Last year, summer vacation had got its end and I’d to move towards my college. I decided to go there. While I felt bored, a fantastic idea had grew in my mind was that now I am younger in age respective to what I should be actually due to time dilation. A question which was spinning my mind from last 7years is that are we always travelling in time? If so then how? Is there any existence of any living or non living thing without time? I think It’s not so. If we are travelling in time then in which direction? Is time travell directional? I think there are so many ideas about time travell including wormhole. The earliest and probably only thought about time travell is described in ancient indian text MAHABHARAT where it is described that Lord Krishna has stopped time to preach warrior Arjun. Is there used some types of wormhole or other unknown astrophysical phenomenon not illustrated yet mathematically by scientists? However, it indicates towards scientifical advancement in ancient time unknown to us. In which way, I don’t know? But I would like to research in that, what information could I get from these text, who knows? If I find such information in anyway that will be a great day to human’s history after VEDIC period. It’s may be so far because currently i’m studying theories about wormholes wave function of black hole and such. Though time travell is a matter to curiousity but if someone ask will time travell and time machines be a reality? Probably answer of scientists would be no, at least in near future. Yet it remains theme for movies and science fiction. In the movie ‘The Time Machine’ I like concept where two different environment were kept separated by time dimension. That’s great. If anyone of you having answers I asked please tell me?


About bruceleeeowe
An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

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