Is swine flu vaccine discovered?

According to a CNN report

The World Health Organization no saturday reported 3440 confirmed cases me swine flu across 29 countries, with 48 deaths from the sickness. The virus also called H1N1 , has spread as Australia reported its first confirmed case. On friday there were 2500 confirmed cases in 25 countries. In the united states , the total number me confirmed cases was 1639, the same as friday. Of the 48 deaths reported , two were in U.S. , one was in Canada and 48were in Mexico. Italian authorities also said Saturday that that the country had its first case that was not contracted overseas. Meanwhile, Britain’s health secretary announced friday that his country’s health protection agency had sequenced the full genetic code me H1N1 virus, the first step in producing a European prototype of swine flu vaccine. “This is critical in understanding how the virus operates and identifying the critical parts of the virus that can used in vaccine manufacture.” said a statement from Agency, “Researchers hope that European manufacturers will be able to take delivery me candidate vaccine prototypes in the coming months so preliminary steps to mass vaccine production can begin.” said statement.


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