Cyclone: player in global climate change…?

Global warming can change storm patterns. In turn, storms might help fuel global warming. A new study suggests that tropical cyclones shoot water high into atmosphere. The result may be a small but significant contributio to the green house effect.

“The bottom line is that tropical cyclones can’t be counted out as players in global climate change, said lead author David Romps, of Harvard university. “It is not something to sleep over. But there’s a possibility for some type of feedback.” For decades scientists have been puzzled by two atmospheric mysteries: there is less water vapour in the upper than there theoreticaly should be , said Columbia university atmospheric scientist Timothy Hall.

Scientist have measure 50% rise in water vapour in stratosphere over last 50years. To explain that trend, some researcher have speculated that powerful cyclones might be increasingly punching through the troposphere and sewing water vapours high into atmosphere. Circulation pattern them carry the vapoures from the tropics to pole. ” There is all evidence that a changing climate could change the intensity of frequency of tropical cyclones,” Romps said. “We were thinking about what impact tropical cyclones could have on climate.”

“this is not just academic,” Hall said.” Water vapour is green house has. So changing water vapours have global warming potential and it is significant.” my view on above discovery news: I think that change in vapour density in higher atmosphere doesn’t matter in any way respective to what carbon di oxide we are emitting through industrialization. If we count such little amount then we have to consider CO2 LEFT by forest , it is still a significant amount besides that it is natural and we can do nothing. If we are having awareness seriously we have to solve the problem of anthropogenic emission of green house gases before It’s too late. We need not to do nothing except that we should consider own problems generated by us not nature’s.


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An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

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