From the future world: Carakiller

Carakiller is my favorite predator , seen first in a show of animal planet ‘ The Future is Wild’. It time period is 5 million years from now in future. It dwells in amazonian grassland of future. We can call it Velociraptor of future. It is descended from human aged caracara, a falcon of amazon grassland. It is approximately 8feet tall and flightless bird . Its long leg are made to run fast. It has still muscular and aerodynamic wings which supports it during running fast to take sharp turn on corner. Wings are covered with feathers, shaggy on back and legs and find on chest and neck are bared like vulture’s. It has plums like structure for signalling. Hunter signal with their long neck feathers raising and lowering them much more like a prehistoric dilophosaurus. It is predator on apex, and there is no enemy. It hunts in packs like lion or prehistoric Velociraptor. The main prey is Babookari, a baboon like creature. In its wings there is a large about 8inch long sickle shaped very sharp claw which is its main weapon like Velociraptor despite that it has a large, sharp and curved beak to tear its prey. Its beak is made from condensed hair , which is very hard. When grassland catches fire it runs ahead to fire and snapping food. It is very similar to Velociraptor. I like it very much in the age 5million years from now, and it remains my favorite.


About bruceleeeowe
An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

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