Neutron stars :most densed objects ?

Neutron stars are one of the matter to curiosity, and it is a mystery in Astronomy. When I read in National Geographic’s recently published article that neutron stars are most densed objects in universe after black hole. I read that a new computer model suggests that the outer crusts me neutron stars are the strongest known material in universe. To determine the breaking point of neutron star’s crust, the team of Indiana University, modeled magnetic field stresses and crust deformation for small region me the star’s surface. The results showed that the crust of a neutron star can withstand a breaking strain up to ten billion times the pressure it would take to snap steel. I think it is enormously dense, making second densest objects in universe after black holes. A tea spoonful of neutron stars matter would weigh about a hundred million tons. Unlike, normal stars , neutron stars have solid outer shells that hold a soup me superdense subatomic particles. Even though a neutron star’s crust is incredibly strong, it can crack due to stress from the stars power ful magnetic field about the order of 10^12 tesla or even higher. This crack can create “magnetar flares, ” extremely energetic gamma ray bursts from strongly magnetized neutron stars. The model also has implications for the height me neutron star mountains, irregularities no the surface of stars that are thought to help create gravitational waves. The waves are theoretically ripples in fabric of space time that race outward at light speed from massive high spinning objects. The new calculations suggest the mountainer are more like steller goose bumps than giant real. These mountains can be few kilometers wide but only about a centimeter high.

Now a question arises in my mind is that if a matter made of subatomic particle is so dense, what’s our estimation about the density of these particles ? Can we speculate this? I think we are still going throug experiments to answer above questions


About bruceleeeowe
An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

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