Why SETI is celebrating?

SETI has entered in second decade from foundation and members of SETI are celebrating for this because they have ended up one decade though unsuccessfully. Why they are celebrating while they have not succeeded yet for finding even a single signal of extraterrestrial life. Why they have not found even a single evidence of intelligence on other planets from last one decade? Though it is very difficult to do this like searching for needle in a haystack. But time of one decade is not small enough for this. Currently they are extracting signals of aliens from too many cosmic signals. Is this method is advance enough to find out extraterrestrial intelligence? I think it is only when possible aliens are sending signals too. But how we can say guarantadely that if they( if existing ) are intelligent and sending signals too. A another possibility arises is that they are very intelligent and they have no need to send signal. Now I ask, can we detect them ever. And answer is probably no. I think this is main drawback of this method to search for extraterrestrial intelligence. I consider another possibility behind the unsuccess of SETI and that is lab equipments and detecter are not able enough to detect signals sent by aliens. Though it is bitter but I think this is true. I think SETI has to use more advanced method for searching extraterrestrial life. However, till that SETI should be honest for searching ET LIFE.


About bruceleeeowe
An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

2 Responses to Why SETI is celebrating?

  1. Mortionalia says:

    Hi, Bruceleeeowe, as you have illustrated the failure of SETI , I think it is not too easy to find alien life. I think you are right . Scientist have to be perceptive for another life forms. I’v also read your post alien life next thinking and is global warning and climate is providing new way to evolution of species. You have written in very well mannered , how it may cause hazards in other ways very fantastic . I’ll be pleased to a regular visitor

  2. Bruceleeeowe says:

    Thanks for support.

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