Prehistoric Vs Prehistoric world : spinosaurus vs t rex

Spinosaurus VS T-rex

Brief Intro:

In Jurassic park 3, you have seen two biggest carnivorous predator facing off each other in battle field. One is spinosaurus and another one is t rex. But there was a blunder mistake in that face off. Spinosaurus was biggest predator in context of size , ever lived on land. It was about 55 feet long and 24 to 28 feet in height including spines. Its head was 6feet long croc like head filled with teeth specially designed for hunting small raptors and fish. It can run up to 25 miles per hour. T-rex was a apex predator with a length up to 48feet and height up to 24feet at hips. Its head was 5 to 5.5feet long filled with 8inch long teeth and powerful jaws having bite force of 6000 kg. He can run up to 40to 50 miles per hour roughly.

Face off

In Jurassic park Spinosaurus was winner and T rex was loser. But in real battle field there was no chance to escape from T rex’s jaws and its powerful jaw were capable of to crush the neck of Spinosaurus and it would be loser. This was a mistake in Jurassic park.


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