Intersteller Travel: Warp drive

Have you ever imagined for travelling faster than light and if so, it is quite possible using warp drives. Warp drives are most appealing option. A ship can’t note through space faster than the speed of light , but with enough energy, space itself can move faster than light as it has done about 1500 million years ago during big bang( universe has expanded faster than light). Known for the maximum physicists Miguel Alcubierre who origingally developed the idea in the 1990’s. This drive would create a bubble of energy behind the ship and a lack of energy in front of the ship like a giant cosmic wave a spaceship could sure. That particular section of space can travel faster than light in the surrounding space and anything on or in that bubble will accelerate with it. Creating this bubble of space time by using a massive amount of exotic matter or dark energy. Though it would take a huge amount of energy to create the bubble , and then increasing the amounts of energy to contain the highly repulsive dark energy. Eventually the energy would run out. The bubble would rupture, with catastrophic effect. Inside the bubble , the temperature would rise up to 10^32 K ,destroying everything in the bubble. Anyone watching the near by wouldn’t be much better off. The warp drive will be deestablised and in the end eitheres explode or collapsed to a black hole. The results makes sense at least when creating warp drive using exotic matter in a universe. A possibility with string theory, a stable warp drive is viable. Last year Cleaver detailed a string theory based warp drive that creates the bubble of space time by expanding one of the tiny rolled up dimensions predicted by the super string theory. The biggest sticky point to warp drive is that the entire mass of Jupiter would have to converted into energy to power it and That’s too much in order to empower such ship and how we have no answer.


About bruceleeeowe
An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

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