Ancient Hindu Technology: [PART-1]

There were a great technology existed in ancient VEDIC India. Vimana are the one of the technologies which existed in ancient India. Vimana is nothing just ancient flying machines which fly in very mystic way without any sound or visual propulsion techniques, with a speed equals to light or greater than light using some kind of warp drive engine or any other mystic propulsion device , unknown to modern world still. Why scientists treating it as myth? Because it is easy to say rather than search for their evidence or understanding their working. And worth considerable part is that they can’t digest ancients were more advanced than modern homo sapiens? Is that? Since description of these Vimana are written in form ancient “sanskrit” poetry which was used in majority to describe any event or history. This provides a chance to scientists to say “fair imagination of poet”. Whether these ancient technologies were too advanced to modern technology that scientists are treating it as myth . If these are myth then how these are described in all ancient texts which were written in different epoch( having time difference more than 3000 years) and written by different authors. That’s simple to say all (about 18000) were very imaginative poet. But I think It’s wrong way. Some may say like many historians do. Had Hwensong and Fahiyan described same, not at all. The thing which supports the truthness of these assumed myth is that the places and events which are described in VEDAS and Puranas are true and you can find proof these events by visiting these places. All places described are existing today and citizen of these places supports too. I like to give example of such great science. One which we can see is “Mahrauli’s Lauh stambha” , a very nice evidence of ancient metallurgical science , which is facing against corosion and raining from about 1000 years . And such steel is not made by modern science yet. Is it not enough to prove that ancients were more advanced somehow? cont….


About bruceleeeowe
An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

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