Warp drive makes no sense

Warp drive is one of the devices proposed to travel faster than light. But it has no sense in anyway. Warp drive is based on a bubble of space time and extradimensions using exotic matter or dark energy. And it needed great amount of energy to power it which is not impossible but at least very very difficult to manage this energy inside bubble and warp drive is unstable either it explode or collapse into a black hole. It may cause gamma ray bursts while collapsing, which may cause death of entire solar system with passengers inside ship. The tricky problem with this drive is that how we produce such great amount of energy to create a space time bubble? And how we establise it ? Though a possibility with string theory, a stable warp drive is viable by expanding one of the tiny rolled up dimensions. Calculations by Italian physicists suggests that it would take whole jupiter to be coverted into energy. And how it is possible? Probably using matter Antimatter annihilation , and technically such methodology to produce energy makes no sense at least one century because From where we get such amount of matter and Antimatter? So, Miguel Alcubierre should keep researchng for another propulsion technology. My aim is not to criticise anyone because any research has its own significance. I was illustrating is it in some way feasible.


About bruceleeeowe
An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

One Response to Warp drive makes no sense

  1. Marris says:

    Very nice blog ! Interesting post. Probably this great amount of energy is stunning. You have written that producing such great extent of energy is main problem but parallel to this the problem lies its gravitational collapse into a black hole with powerful gamma ray bursts too. The bubble of space time created using exotic energy is still unstable.

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