The only solution

Recently I have read in a report that if entire antarctica is melt down due to global warming, what will happen? There I read that sea level will increase up to 4to 5 m and axis of rotation will shift up to 500meters, which is really not very good for us. I’m asking why global warming is not solved still while there are too many organizations including PETA? Are the solutions not effective? Whatever the matter but one thing that I can realize is that global warming and climate change and extinction is still going on. I’m concluding this results from what I’m seeing in my surroundings and also in news reports and reports of WWF. I ask peta and other organizations, well, what they are doing? Can anyone tell me? Industries are breaking laws of environment policy like a thread. In the context of Illegal hunting, it is still going on. Then what we should do ? Only awaring other about global warming, no way. Once somehow I reaches bloggers group named ” Direct action” . They were dealing with this global warning and suggested a solution and that is direct action against environment pollutes. Would this problem solve here ,no, only talking or suggesting what they have to do in this scenario , is not only solution. We all have to move forward to diminish this problem. If everyone do his best effort at its own level as I’m doing , again we will in a green planet, with no global warming. But what I’m seeing is perplexing, people are cutting down trees for just a little advantage. Hunter are hunting innocent animals just for a little advantages . Global warming is not directly a problem , the problem is deforestation and due to that it is extinction ,which is destroying our planet’s ecosystem. We all have to do our best effort at our own level. Continued………..


About bruceleeeowe
An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

2 Responses to The only solution

  1. Joanna says:

    Very good! The main idea which lies behind global warming is that we are not taking our responsibility seriously. Many of us think that why we should do that while it is not occuring in near future. That’s very big problem. I’m one of those who thinks that everyone have to do effort at his own level. Thanks

  2. Chandra says:

    Probably you are right my friend and now I am going to do my best effort. Thanks for awakening.

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