Why goverment is concealing evidence of life on jupiter? [Part-1]

In an announcement bound to produce shockwave around the world, a government source disclosed a report which states that data from the Galileo Mission to study the planet Jupiter has lead to the conclusion that the lower atmosphere of jupiter is teaming with life. Galileo spacecraft launched a probe directly to atmosphere of jupiter to study such thing as atmospheric gases, weather and radiation. The source states that early data has detected the presence of organic chemical and gases that are signature of life. It has been long speculated that the atmosphere of jupiter may contain life. I think The ancest is not that shocking when you consider the many forms of life that habituate the harshest environment on Earth like within 400metres below ice. The bigger surprise was the revelation that the Galileo carried an onboard camera. NASA never announced publicaly that photography was to be part of the mission leading to speculation that part of mission was classified due to strong evidence of the possibility of that life would be discovered. This information is bound to further feed the criticism by those who believe that the government has routinely concealed evidence of ET life like famous Rosswell alien specimen rumored to in storage? What is Jovian life like? I think it will be very diverse as on earth from microscopic bacteria to very large floaters visiting in Jovian sky. The goverment source could not confirm that pictures of Jovian organism actually exist. Government declared life on jupiter story “Hoax.” Scant life forms had been found in the atmosphere of jupiter during the Galileo mission study. The galileo spacecraft was on a two year orbit of the Jovian atmosphere, recording activity on jupiter and its four largest moons. Reports earlier announced that data from the Galileo mission pointed towards the existance of life on jupiter. The spacecraft sent a probe into jupiter’s fiery atmosphere to conduct experiments. Continued to part 2.,.,.,.,.


About bruceleeeowe
An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

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