Estimating t-rex speed

Estimation of t-rex’s speed is one of the most doubtful topic. How we calculate a biggest predator’s speed while it has gone extinct? I’ve calculated t-rex’s speed after seeing It’s skelaton and it is about 44.289 miles per hour. However I can’t show you figures which I’ve used in calculating speed because my mobile doesn’t support it. T-rex skelaton support its leg to move through an angle of 45degree. Now length of its leg is about 7m. The maximum possible angle between two legs is 90 degree while running and it makes a right angle triangle. The distance travelled in one step will be equals to 7(sqrt)2 which is about 9.899m. Now if it not so smart as modern reptile due to its bulk and size. Hence it can travel only two step in a second then It’s able to measuring distance of 19.798m. And it is speed in m/s. Which is about 71.27636354km/h or 44.289 miles/hour. If we consider one more thing and that is that its muscles were strong enough and capable of making up to 3or 4 step in a second , it can achieve an incredible speed. It is not necessary that a large spectos couldn’t be smart when compared to small predator. One thing is clear from above estimation that it can run easily at a speed up to 50miles/hour.


About bruceleeeowe
An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

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  1. flash says:

    Hmm. Is it true? 🙂

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