Doomsday belief: Photon belt

Photon belt is another belief which is largely linked to some parts of the new age movement that a band of photon is going to collide with Earth and cause doomsday by massive failure of electricity. It is wonderful that photon belt would cause doomsday. There are a number of beliefs involving the belt but they have a few common elements. It is suggested that Earth orbits Pleiades clusters. And fact is that a belt of photon also orbits this cluster though no such belt has been observed and it is hard one could exist within current understanding of universe. The Earth is going to collide. Several predictions has been made as to date of this collision and none is correct. This idea was first appeared in 1981s when an australian UFO magazine published it. Somewhat in universe there must be a center star or stars about which everything spin around this. As matter is pulled into this center , photon beams something like gamma ray burst are emitted from the poles. Although our Earth is at enough distance from the center stars and the photon came that encircles it , we will eventually pass through it. Some say this will be the end of the world. And this end will be caused by massive failure of electricity and events will be almost same when we face gamma ray burst. Neither I nor you have faced it or seen it but this is what some of us believe. Some spritualists believe that it cause rise in our sprituality or we move in higher dimension and this is all going to happen in 21 December, 2012. Nothing is far away, it is just going to happen in near future. Read similar article in WIKIPEDIA .


About bruceleeeowe
An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

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