Alien Bugs

Alien life forms spreading through out space by robotic probes or spacecrafts with with extraterrestrial crew is well liked notion in sci fi works, popular science literature and even in academic paper. Francis Crick, codiscoverer of the structure of DNA , proposes direct panspermia:dispersal of single cell organisms through out the galaxy. In 1973 Crick and Leslie wrote the article direct panspermia, published in icarus. They presented the hypothesis that life was exported to Earth by an extraterrestrial civilization. According to this hypothesis the microorganisms were delivered in unmanned spacecraft designed with adequate protection to keep them alive during long journey. Professor Frank Tipler has the idea of the space probes that carry artificial wombs in which human fertilized cells are placed and the babies to be raised by surrogate parents. Cough proposal made by scientist, look like a perfect way to colonize galaxy or connect each other through intergalactic internet but what would happen in solar system and on Earth? Probes to begin to arrive with all sorts of alien viruses, bacteria bell, quasi alive nanoboats, genetically engineered micro organisms and all begin to produce themselves, fabricating lots of natural and artificial organisms, or DNA reproduction machines or von newmann’s machines? And artificial wombs start producing legion of extraterrestial creatures? The answer is only one and that a total catastrophe for life and all humans. Read references for MORE on this


About bruceleeeowe
An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

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