Intelligent past: Dinosaurian civilization[thread#1]

Dinosaurs could have landed on the moon 65 million years ago, if they have not been wiped out by a gigantic asteroid. This seems to contradict the equal start hypothesis. Could a dinosaurian civilization actually existed on our prehistoric Earth? Ian Crawford stated in his article “where they are?” May be we are alone in the galaxy after all, published in scientific american, that without thesis extinction, a result of a chance event, evolutionary history on Earth, would have been very different. Dr. Dale Russel coined the word ‘dinosauroid’ , an intellient creature evolved from dinosaurs. He claimed that some dinosaurs had all the ingredients of success that we see later in the development of apes, and were well on their way to becoming sentient species. Dr. Russel even sculpted a catchy model of the supposed brainy dinosauroid. It depicts what may have happened if Troodon had not died out at the end of the cretaceous but had instead continued to evolve. Several dinosaur species were manlike ie. They were bipedal, had relatively large brain and good stereoscopic vision and hands with opposable thumbs, their forelegs with slender flexible fingers were ready for use them as hand. They were well organized haunted in packs and co ordinated their attacks. Some of them were almost warm blooded. It is often speculated that several bipedal dinosaurs were in good position to develope an intelligent civilization and sophisticated technologies, enabling them to explore the moon and even galaxy, if they haven’t killed off by some natural disaster. Is it not seems too odd that only dinosaurs living land were wiped out and mammals were escaped from that disaster? While dinosaurs had evolved more stronger physiology. When we ask how crocodiler are safe still? It is said due to their habitat(water). If these are still safe , why not pleciosaurus and other water dwelling dinosaurs?


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An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

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