Intelligent past:Dinosaurian civilization[thread#3]

On a topic “why dinosaurs could not have landed on moon in Jurassic period?” , a website( questioned whether the dinosaurs have all of the attributes considered necessary for intelligence in intelligent mammal. Whether it was really possible for dinosaurs to out smart mammals, dominate our planet, and start colonizing the galaxy 65 millions ahead of us. And stated breeding in dinosaurs as a obstacle to dinosaur to establish an intelligent civilization. The problems regarding to breeding were suggested as lack of oxygen to an dinosaurian embroy and lack of nutritions in comparison to mammals’s nutritious milk. Another suggested reason is given as lack of constant temperature( Fossil records of extinct dinosaur eggs, eggshells, and embroyr, it is well established that dinosaur laid eggs in their nests. These nest were exvacated in soil and in yet lands.). In order to provide temperature stability and elevated humidity , the eggs were covered with , sand, soil or routing vegetation which produce fermentation heat. It was stated that many dinosaurs were simply too big to hatch their eggs. But it not seems plausible in order to establish a civilization. All dinosaur were not emerged in a sentient beings as we see today. Have all animals established a civilization? Many of them had walked with man’s ancestors and still are living with us without developing an intelligent civilization. Is that not in favour of well established dinosaurian civilization?images


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An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

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