Internet in Space :Interplanetary Internet

The sci-fi reality is going to be a real reality. Interplanetary internet is one of the very advanced technology often shown in science fiction. According to a news published in discovery website, the many paths a message can take through the internet that make robust and efficient and the envy of those whose job it is to design communication schemes for the far flury spacecraft leaving Earth each year. After more than a decade of development , NASA is a rush to have a communication network ready by 2011 that efficiently carry between Earth and the multiprobes, rovers, orbiters and spacecraft exploring the solar system effectively binding them together to form an interplanetary internet. Tests performed on the International Space Station last may, were the second of three tryout of the networks key technologies, called Delay Tolerant Networking or DTN Protocols. The DTN protocols will extend into space by overcoming a number of obstacles, including the extraording length of time it takes packets to move between separate ropes in a deep space networks, the intermittent nature of network connection and bit scrambling solar radiation. The biggest problem is time between two response. “The communication delays are huge, they are variable, because the planet are in orbit around the sun.” Vint Cerf, co inventor of the internet’s TCP/IP protocol and a member of group of scientists, accepted it. The constant motion of celestial bodies means that packets have to pause and wait for antennas to align as they hop from planet to road to spacecraft. So sending communication in space will use different topology. The biggest problem regarding this is delay in transmission, which itself can’t removed. For more info use references for interplanetary internet


About bruceleeeowe
An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

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