New finding suggests alien life

Now, data obtained from Spain’s radio telescope IRAM suggests the presence of complex organic molecules (like ethyl formate) in deep space. The newly detected presence of two complex organic molecules in milky way suggests the building blocks for life may exist in space before the formation of planets. Located close the center of galaxy, molecular cloud Sagittarius B2 is something akin to galactic watering hole. A popular hangout for biologists and chemists looking for the building blocks of life in space, it contains a rich stew of materials in the process of being recycled into stars and planets. Within the cloud are a wife variety of organics, now known to include two of the most complex molecules ever found in interstellar space. The molecules are similar in size and complexity to amino acids, building blocks of DNA. Scientists made the discovery by disentangling the molecules chemical fingerprints within radio water also carrying the signature of hundreds of smaller molecules. “Within 3700 signature from a region of Sagittarius B2 known as the large molecules” Heimat, the researchers identified 36 that belonged to the newly identified molecules. Computer simulations indicate that the molecules did not assemble themselves atom by atom but came together in sections using already formed blocks that were available on grains of dust. These findings suggest that formation of complex molecules beginned long before the formation of planets. And these makes a bit sense that we are not alone. Such type of molecules has started life on other planets in our galaxy and even in our universe. The great possibility is that there may be formed complex inorganic molecules under very extreme conditions. And it has provided a chance to thrive other life forms during ‘cosmic evolution’. And worth considering is that somehow life has not started in planet. It started in space, grows under right conditions in planets.


About bruceleeeowe
An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

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