Intelligent Past:Dinosaurian Civilization(thread-4)

continued from thread 3
Dinosaurian Civilization
Dinosaurs breeding is suggested as obstacle which checked them to develop an intelligent reptilian civilization. Was their yoke was not nutritious enough to develope an intelligent brain? I think yoke is enough for them. The other one is less oxygen. As I found description at that time level of oxygen was more than modern time. No matter we can left that. The more important one is time. If they have evolved at least half times of that of human, even then they could easily develope a very very advanced civilization while we have developed a advanced civilization. Some may ask if there was a dinosaurian activity which ever existed, why we can’t find remnants of them? Suppose we are encountered with an asteroid which have diameter of 10 km, and it collides with Earth. This is not at all, if there remains some signature of our civilization, Either they would be destroyed or would likely to in in the womb of Earth, during the long geological change of 65 million years. Would this not be too hard to find remnants of that civilization. What next civilization(descendants of remaining ) will found. Probably they will not found even our fossils. Does this not support a very very intelligent dinosaurian civilization? Some scientists are saying if there any civilization existed, we would find stone tools. Why man has made stone tools? Probably for their security purposes and hunting. But candidate for developing civilization, are predators(troodon and Velociraptor). They don’t need any stone tools for hunting and probably they would not prefer too. And making stone tools at that time doesn’t make sense, because it can’t react with t rex or spinosaurus like predators. What is need of making stone tools? Condition were very different at that time to that of human’s. Hence they would have evolved into a very different kind of civilization. Who knows scientists would found remnant of civilization like rusty piles of used iron or other metals.


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An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

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