Hey, Run Fast! Killers Are Coming!!

“Hey, Run fast! Killers are coming!!” This is not a dialogue of any sci fi movie, this might be reality in near future. Yea, these killers are none but a product of nanotechnology, coined as grey goo, by Eric Drexler, founder of nanotechnology. Nanotech is hailed as having the potential to increase the efficiency of energy bostortinn, help clean environment and so many more. It is also said to be able to massive increase manufacturing production at significantly reduced costs. Products will be smaller, cheaper, lighter and yet more functional and require less energy. This is said to be change the world. Now scientists are trying to make nanobots which can create a replica of itself using its environment. There are also said to be used in colonize mars and even galaxy and these grey goo can create a intergalactic internet. I’ve written on this previously. Well these are advantages. But think what would happen if any crazy and eccentric scientist could lass them with artificial intelligence. And these von Neumann machine will start making its replica without control. Dr. Eric Drexler has described this in his book, Engines of Creation. Currently scientist are trying to make catom(s) which will transform in anything we want, only at a will. These will use a program which will help them to understand, actually what we are saying. I know scientist would also ensure security when they built such extremely powerful machines. But a “single” mistake in security would wreck havoc on humanity. Crafts are made ensuring security but accidents happens. Then what about these. If somehow there nanobots might escape our security systems and start replicating and making superintelligent, extremely powerful multinanobot(similar to multicellular biological organism), this would be a total catastrophe to human civilization and there will be a new kind of mechanical civilization. “Grey Goo” cause end of humanity though it is still hypothetical and exist in sci fi. But who knows, perhaps this would be end of world.


About bruceleeeowe
An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

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