My Thoughts on universe

I often think about universe and its complexity. Sometimes I think that we are not living in universe which is too huge of the order of billion light years or even more. May be possible that this universe is just like collection of “huge atom”. These huge atoms may be galaxies and black holes may be nucleus of these huge atoms. Aliens or our home or whatever you like to call them may composed of such huge atoms and we are even more more smaller than a bacteria for these extremely huge creatures. What is happening in universe might be just an chemical reaction of these creatures. Our sun is just like an electron or quarks. Not clear for me if this could be true, perhaps it is. My thought also allows me to think at quantum size. It is also possible that electron is like a planet or star for another type of tiny creatures. Nucleaus is just like black hole for them. They may be more intelligent than us travelling across their galaxy. It is possible that these tiny creatures built bacteria an advanced and self replicating star or planet, travelling faster than light in their space time continuum. May be possible they know about up due to their high technology and a very very advanced civilization. They know that this universe is not disturbed but it is highly coherent beyond our thought(?). We are just like an universe for them, the event happening in this quantum universe are results of our space time frame reaction. Now what is happening in our universe is just like a chemical reaction occuring in space time continuum(?) of universe where our universe is located perhaps it is. It seems teasing. Perhaps metaphysics help me.


About bruceleeeowe
An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

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