Could Life Exist on a Neutron Star?

An imaginative and tounge in cheek suggestion by radio astronomer Frank DRAKE, later developed and elaborated into two science fiction novels ‘Dragon’s Egg’ and starquake by Robert Forward. In order to convey that a neutron star was more like a planet than a normal star, DRAKE speculated that life might exist on its solid surface and in its extremely high gravity(about 67 billion times of Earth’s gravity) where even highest mountain is only 5millimeter high. How creatures on this planet look like and astounding is its communication and biochemistry? The creature he imagined were submicroscopic and made of tightly packed nuclei, rather than ordinary atoms, bound together is “nuclear molecules”. And of course, it should be otherwise they would be crushed under this high gravity. Whether such bizzare molecules could exist and combine in ways complex enough to give rise to life is not yet known. Nucleus do exist under this high gravity I think. Even I support life on a star like sun where plasma may form complex plasma life. However , if neutron star creatures did exist they would live very rapidly. neutron starNuclear reactions happen much faster than the chemical variety, so that any life forms on a neutron star would evolve and live their lives a million times more quickly than human beings. By the way, creatures described by Forward were 50mm in diameter and 0.5 mm high and of density of about 7milliongrams/cubic. They communicate by thrusting the surface. One thing which I find interesting is that this also explains why has there been no contact with aliens? Perhaps this is one reason why SETI hasn’t find alien life?


About bruceleeeowe
An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

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