Are Crystal Skull Fake?

Less than three months after the Quai Branly Museum an Paris discovered that crystal skull once proclaimed as a mystical aztec masterpiece was a fake, it is now turn of the British Museum and Smithsonian Institute to find they were victim of skull duggery. Scientist told that their crystal skulls were out, honed and polished by tools of industrial age. noT by mesoamerican craftsmen of yore.”The skulls under consideration are not precolumbian. They must surely be regarded as of relatively modern manufacture,” they said. The skulls became star exhibits in all three museums long before the Indiana Jones movie,”The Kingdom of Crystal Skull,” hit the movie screen that year. The superstitious deemed them part of a collection of 12 skulls, endowed with mystical powers, that dated back to ancient culture, reuniting all 12, with a putative 12th would conjure up a massive power that prevent Earth tripping over “doomsday” of mayan prophecy.crystal skull Legend lovers had a bad day on April18 when the Quai Branly said it found grooves and perforations in its 11cm high quartz skull revealling the use of “jewellery burrs and other modern tools” doubts had also surfaced about the skulls in London and Washington, with art expert noting they were unusually large and with teeth markings that were exceptionally linear. Seeking the verdict of science, researchers from those two museums examined the skulls with electron microscopes, looking at tiny scratches and marks lift by carving implement. These were compared with the surfaces of a crystal goblet, rock crystal beads and dozens of greenstones jewels known to be of genuine Aztec or Mixtec origin. The study appeared in Journal of Archeology Science, by Elsevier group. They found that rotary wheel have the British skull its sharp definition, a dril had dug out the nostril and eyes, diamond or corondum tools has been used. As for U.S. skulls faint traces of took marks remain, but were consistent with rotary wheels.They also found black red deposit of SiC of modern day in tiny cavity.


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An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

4 Responses to Are Crystal Skull Fake?

  1. ebony says:

    ok first of there is 13 skulls

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  3. rafa says:

    We r gonna find out very soon.

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