The Mystery of Artifacts:Ica Stones

Ica Stones are one of the most mysterious ancient artifacts of any civilization.
“The ancient artifacts are decorated with etched depiction of advanced technology, ufo and medical procedures, depiction of other planets and unknown continents, as well as numerous depiction of humans and dinosaur co-existing.” Ica stones are beautifully carved crystals with oval or spherical structures.ica stone bruceleeeowe
“The main proponent associated with Ica Stones was The late Dr. Javier Cabrera (deceased 2001) who is credited with popularizing stones as well as displaying and caring for them in museum that was contained within his house in Ica. Cabrera termed these stones Gliptoliths and posited that they were created by “Gliptolithic Men” who came to Earth from Pleiades.”
“The Ica Stones are currently display in the Ica Stones Museum in Ica, which houses approximately 11000 of the estimated 15000 or more that are said to exist. Proponents believe the summer were originally been found in 1961 in a cave of the Peruvian ocucage desert but that spanish ethnohistoric from colonial period make mention of similarily caused stones found in tombs.” though many of archeologists claim it to been hoax. But here I could make one thing clearer that these stones are made by ancient men not by modern men because it is not possible for former(who was actually selling these ancient artifacts) to make such beautifully etched pictures on a number of stones. The composition of crystal is such that modern methodology of age determination fails totally. However scientist estimated the age of these stones somewhat between 500 to 1500years old. The images on ancient artifacts are amazing and include:
1. Realistic depiction of stegosaurus, T rex , pterodactyles and brantosaurus etc.IcaStones6
2. Ancient pilot maneuvering strange craft(ufo) above herd of dinosaurs.
3. Advanced surgical procedures including a heart transplant.
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About bruceleeeowe
An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

2 Responses to The Mystery of Artifacts:Ica Stones

  1. Bruceleeeowe says:

    I think Ica stones are from an ancient advanced civilization.

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