Mysterious Artifact and Ancient Intelligence

Dinosaurs are great mystery in itself. In previous posts I’ve written that Velociraptor and troodon like dinosaurs might evolve in a advanced and intelligent reptilian humanoid if darwinism is accurate and evolution actually occured. Dinosaurs have had enough time to evolve in a sentient species. A artifact found in Russia which is about 120 million years old. This artifact is a 3 dimensional map carved on a stone, and this map is too accurate that to build it needed high technology and even flying crafts to examine 3D structure of area. If man hadn’t evolved at that time then who made this? It is a mystery. A theory suggest that time traveller from future visited into past and left this. But I can’t understand why one bother to make this only for leaving? If one make map of that area then we have two conclusions either it was made by beings that dwelled in past or alien or time traveller whatever you like to say, who dwelled here for some reasons may be for genetic experiments, mining etc. The interesting one is that this old map was made at least in early Jurassic period, in the age of dinosaurs. I, personally, find idea of intelligent dinosaur more appropriate rather time traveller or alien. It is possible that this ancient intelligence had developed science at a level of highly sophisticated advancement. This reptilian civilization was able to make highly advanced crafts and many more. They made dams, canals and other structures on earth that are ruined under cataclysmic geological process. The map which was found had a description of dams and canals that are at least 100times larger than any structure ever on Earth, made by modern homo sapiens. Who made this structure and why? If dinosaur had developed intelligence millions of years before human evolved, then why we haven’t find any proof of that civilization?


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An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

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  1. Kelli Garner says:

    Thats very good to know… thanks

    • bruceleeeowe says:

      Hmmm… many theories are proposed in order to explain such anomalies but what you find plausible, mostly depends on your thoughts. For those skeptics who only believe in mainstream I can’t say they believe in either of theories. However, it seems more plausible to me.

  2. laser les says:

    Referencing my research with small stone artifacts:

    God’s Autograph

    Hologram image projections from one petroglyph clearly defines the description of the creature mentioned in JOB 39 – 41…the unicorn, the behemoth and the leviathan (Hebrew transliteration meaning swirled…referring to the single horn protruding from the crown on his head.)

    There are over 100 descriptive elements of the creature GOD tells Job of at the climax of the story pertaining to his ‘trials of dedication’. The projections clearly define a single creature…GOD’s most revered and special of all creatures…and the only one ever created.

    The projections from The Unicorn Petroglyph were scribed by The Creator or ‘those who were closer to HIM than humanity’.

    You will observe…

    1. The creature with single swirled horn standing in a furrow with band around his neck (JOB 39: 9,10)

    2. The pastoral creature of great stature described in JOB 40.

    3. The creature with tongue drawn down, garment on his back, double handle bridle, crown on his head (JOB 41: 1-34)

    4. The creature emerging from the arm of The Creator whose hand is pierced by a spike…signifying the Creator of the Old Testament and Savior of the New Testament were ONE.

    The biblical scripture defines the creature as the petroglyph projection illustrates the scripture.

    What genius…using the most distinguishable and elusive creature known to humanity!

    More developments from similar small stone artifacts at (no solicitations:

    Please contact me…we can talk about this..

    Regards to all,
    Laser Les
    Clearwater Beach, Fl. USA

    • bruceleeeowe says:

      Hey, Laser! Seriously I support and promote such unique researches that implies to ancient intelligence because I’m against the Darwin’s linear evolution theory as there are many complications with that. Well, I’m interested in your researches. Can you tell me history those ancient artifacts? I’ll be glad to know more details about them. Clearly you’ve strong evidences to support your ideas. I’ll like to use your researches to support my ideas of ancient intelligence. Please, tell me in detail. Thanks, Laser.

      • JIM GALLOWAY says:

        Linear evolution? No sir, you need to review your understanding. Evolution occurs due to random mutations in combination with selective forces.

  3. laser les says:

    Hello Bruce,

    The artifacts I research (petro photoglyphs) were found as surface samples after an extensive summer of flooding in the mid-west (Missouri) 1994. I believe they were brought there through migrations of indigenous peoples. No mounds or settlements were found in the vicinity. The technology to scribe these artifacts is well beyond ancient or modern capabilities.

    Time capsule messages that require modern methodology to decipher.

    This recent development posting describes the Sumerian tale of the Altrahasis. An embedded star map in the kneeling figure (the Deity Enki) communicates a message to modern humanity.

    The Mesoamerican connection to this hologram codex (the mask and epitaphs of Pacal II) communicate a time frame.

    Ancient structures (the pyramids of Giza) and Anasazi settlement patterns also point to the Orion constellation…this artifact contains a details star map based on the same star pattern.

    There is a full report at my research website detailing this ancient stone etched message:

    My research can be substantiated under any and all scientific conditions.

    Real photo image projections from petroglyphs is something most will not accept.

    Bruce…anything I can do to assist in your research or investigations…please let me know?


    • bruceleeeowe says:

      Hi Laser, I find star map most interesting that I can use in my upcoming posts featuring ancient intelligence. For sure, your website is considerably featuring many evidences to ancient advanced technology. I appreciate your researches, Les! Is there any email so that I can contact you. You can mail me at . Waiting for your reply. Again Very very thanks to you.

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