A Nibiru Update

nibiruFrom SURVIVING NIBIRU website
Is Nibiru the greatest hoax ever portrayed? We present you with the information and you decide.

In the event all of what you are about to learn is true, a carefully written survivor’s guide has been written.

In 2012 a planet called Nibiru/Planet-X may reek real havoc on our planet as it passes through our inner solar system.

By 2010, Nibiru will be the headline of every major newspaper in the world and global pandemic would soon follow.

By then it will be almost to late to prepare for the inevitable. Will you be one of them or is your family ready?

Currently Nibiru is being seen with the naked eye in the skies in the most southern hemisphere.

By 2010 Nibiru will be able to be seen with the naked eye in the northern hemisphere.

Since 12-31-1983 Planet-X has been tracked by NASA, and continues to this day.

In the name of Global security, official news of Nibiru has been suppressed.

However news and pictures of Nibiru are becoming more common.

Don’t just take our word for what you’ve just read.

Do your own research and be amazed.

Then come back and learn…

How to, Survive Nibiru


About bruceleeeowe
An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

10 Responses to A Nibiru Update

  1. Mark Louis says:


    • bruceleeeowe says:

      Hey, Mark! I think you are right! These are those some stupid translaters who are telling you and me so called old theory of doomsday and more problem with this dogma is that it was promoted by news channels and media like bloggers. Damn it!

  2. charlesesser says:


    It is quite obvious that earthquakes are unleashing worldwide. There is a free book on forthcoming events such as earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes and eventually Earth’s pole shift, all of them triggered by the approach of planet Hercolubus or Nibiru. That book is an important alert and a guide to prepare ourselves for the coming times.

    Just go to http://www.hercolubus.tv and click on the ‘free copy’ link. There are translations to several languages.

    • bruceleeeowe says:

      Charles , I don’t think it is gonna happen in near future.. Its only mindset of conspiracists..

  3. wearefighting says:

    now it is 2010, nothing happened. And even people from south bisphere cannot see it.
    It is a man-made story. I think.

  4. biguniverse says:

    hmmm, maybe yes, maybe no… :p

    nibiruuu, where are youuu ?? :D:D

  5. Skeptical says:

    I have read this link just today…. And this dated Sept. 2009 and now its July 9,2010
    Yes indeed Nibiru can now be seen by the naked eye…… So this came true
    By 2010, Nibiru will be the headline of every major newspaper in the world and global pandemic would soon follow.”

    I just hope this global pandemic will not follow… NASA denies this because IT WILL CREATE CHAOS in the world, knowing that THE END WILL REALLY COME…

  6. I’m not too familier with the topic myself personally, I think however it might of great utilization to my sister.

  7. Planet X as they call it exist. So do various other to say the least. They know about it and do not tell us the truth. This is because they,” I believe are hoping for a lot of us to be extinguished from this planet.” Reason. To start over and continue life the way it is. Uh. This is the reason all these natural disasters occur. Simple misunderstanding of ourselves. One human being trying to run another one against his/her own will. History has repeated itself numerous time. Im no holy roller or even church goer but, even I know better than this. I am an astrophysics explorer. Is it just me or does anyone else see the strange phenomenon in the skies all over the world. I dont think we are alone. Never seen an alien but, have seen strange lights in sky like people have been reporting more and more lately this past year. I personally believe they who we are in their likeness have been checking on us from time to time. Waiting for us to change and understand that life is important and some of just dont want to learn how to share. The next two years will be eventful. Pay attention to the night sky especially toward end of april and there after.

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