Life Has Evolved More than Once

Forget little green men on Mars and other planet, aliens could be here on Earth, a leading scientist has claimed it. Cosmologist Paul Davies said it was entirely reasonable to believe that we share the planet with a form of life different to anything we know of. This life, but not as we know of, might be lurking in poisonous lakes or deep under sea or even could be inside our bodies. Professor told that it could even be that weird life and real life are intermingled. He added real alien could be too small to see. Calling on scientist to launch a “mission to earth”, he said it was possible that life had evolved more than once, meaning that we are not alone even in our planet. He said,” Life as we know appears to have had a single common ancestor, could on Earth have started many times?” Might it exist today in extreme environment and remain undetected. Although such claims remain controversial, conceivable, even he alternative life doesn’t exist now, it might have flourished in distant part before dying our for some reasons from planet. In that case, scientist might still be able to find markers of their distinct biology in geological record. If alternative life had a distinctly different metabolism, say, it might have altered rocks or created mineral deposites in such way that can’t be explained by the activities of known organism. red_sulphur_bacteria_1101828499_esmamwEven if some the scientist find difficult to grow and work with might be weird life with an alien biochemistry. If life is proved to have evolved more than once on Earth, it would vastly boost the case for there being alien life on other planet. The problems regarding to find such weird is, mainly our skepticism and our limited exploration. Most of the part of seas, is as unknown to us as america to Europeans before columbus. As more terrestrial environment are explored, it seems ore likely that new and ever exotic life will be discovered. If this search were to uncover evidence for second genesis, it would strongly support the theory that life is cosmical phenomenon and lead eredence to belief of weird al;ien life in harshest environments of other celestial bodies. Why not let’s search for it , it wouldn’t gonna cost much than searching for weird life on Mars and other planets.

In past few years , we have found life thriving in Arsenic rich lakes, in harshest environments of sulpher rich valleys and other extreme environments, that were previously thiught to be hell for life. NOW, I believe if we can change our current tiught perceptive of life,  it could a lot of change in our life.


About bruceleeeowe
An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

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