Time Travel Thoughts

Time travel is one of the most controversial, popular, and viable phenomenon of physics which allows one to travel back and forth in time dimension in a similar way as he can do with space dimension. Time travel in Science Fiction has always bored me because it always uses a technology that is far beyond even our future generation, but still they use it. Recently I published a post on review on time machine plans in which I reviewed some of the hottest time machine plans, however, I, hereby make this clear that any of reviewed plans are currently far beyond our technical development. However they can be used by type 4th or 5th alien civilization. One which tease me a lot is that why scientists are suggesting such weird ideas? Possibility is that may happen in near future say 100or 200years but those plans don’t seems me become possible in near future.
Generally these time machines are very very large about a size of our solar system or even more and based on the concept of formation of closed time like curve that allows time travel as well as teleportation. But what I think is that we are living in a river of space time continuum. Deep under river would allows us to move in 3d space but in the direction of river flow until we have enough energy to do that. I think we can travel into time only when we left our this space time dimension or say we should Go towards the bank of river in order to move against river flow. This could be explained in either way ,say we have to leave our 4d crew of space time in which we are actually living. just leave this crew and you will move back and forth in time like space dimension.


About bruceleeeowe
An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

2 Responses to Time Travel Thoughts

  1. arjun raja sharma says:

    the above information was quiet interesting to read but i was not clear of the time travel thing explained with example..i had gone thourgh your ideas bout multidimension which have been really easy to uderstand ….but i think if more information bout the axis would have been given eg 3-d(x,y,z) …or if not possible then atlest explain bout the multi dimensional graph.

    thx for blogging ….your blog is gud and easy to get on such a complicated issue….
    lokking forward for your mail.

  2. Bruceleeeowe says:

    I just said that you have to leave your four dimensional space time in order to travel back and forth in time. Just for example a man living in 3d flat space time(2space dimension and 1time dimension) and he wants to travel back and forth in time. Now consider a steep flowing river. Just take direction of flow of river as time dimension and rest two space. Now if he tries to travel against the direction of flow of river (and we assumed It as time), it would require much energy compared to that if he leave river travel in an extra space dimension. And It’s easy. If you want to travel against river(or go to past in time ) you would never like to travel within river. Actually this concept comes from ESR theory(euclidean special relativity) which says that partially blocked space dimension of hyper space acts as time dimension for lower level. Just say that our third space dimension will be blocked for 3d space time(2 space 1time) and that would be time dimension in flat 2d space world. You can mail of at this email bruceleeeowe@gmail.com

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