Does Complexity Mean Life?

I have published a lot of stuff which I like. I have ever been open minded especially in extraterrestrial life case scenario. A lot of study through over internet suggests me ( and I have written about too) that just anyhow, if  you could make complex compound and then add that complex compound to some liquid compound (say water , liquid ammonia and many others like them), then stop all that you have just create a weird alien life form( it may be either virus) having  an unusual biochemistry. At least it seems to me. How simple speculations about life are! Although we have found many organisms  that are based on an “alien biochemistry”. Speculations are more than what we have actually found.

Speculations suggests many possible extraterrestrial life case scenarios including water, methane and ammonia. It seems plausible to some extent because all life forms that we have found( including extremophiles) are mainly based on such chemistry. But here is one thing that is mind boggling  ,is that if somehow complex entities are formed , would they be ‘alive’? Many suggests it because even simplest life forms too complex. I mainly focus here what actually one need to be ‘alive’?

complex-lifeVery complex compound may have life like property but it  is not necessary that very complex compound will certainly are alive. One thing which fascinates me a lot is that what answer we own for dead ? Even dead is very very complex almost equal to alive entities , still it doesn’t seems alive anyhow. I think , perhaps dead entities are almost as complex as alive but dead not alive..

Then what about this conclusion..?

I think life is not just combination of  ‘our thinking’ . It is more than what anything  we know of. It let me to lay down credibility of  complex life hypothesis. I don’t find anything which explain this one.

Oh…, perhaps there is one, plasma life forms.

May be possible that embedding such life forms with complex chemical body could make it possible. May be…

About bruceleeeowe
An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

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