Reason to Believe Life on Mars

It was just another reason to believe that Mars may be the last colony intelligent species live in before migrating to Earth. More recently, NASA has confirmed water on Mars ,giving scientist another place to study whether the environment could have sustained life. Some scientist including me believe that Mars was the place where an intelligent civilization prospered once till Mars lost its electromagnetic poles because the nuclear reactor at core ran out of fuel. The deposits of salts confirmed by Mars Odessey Orbiter in recent years, appears to be disconnected making it most probable that they did not all come from one big global body of surface water. Many of the deposits lie in the basins with channels leading into them, which is the kind of feature consistent with water flowing in over a long time. More recently a meteor said to be came from Mars was lurking with bacteria giving rise to the panspermia hypothesis. Worth considering is that if a meteor that was facing too much radiation of space was bacteria rich, then why not Mars? Mars is still eden for life. Currently NASA confirmed water on moon and Mars. Media has its own role to reveal what is truth. I think NASA had found water on moon and Mars earlier, but they were part of classified and secret knowledge. At that time media was not so active that’s why they hadn’t disclosing it. If they can send human to moon in 1969 then why could not find water? Denial and falsification have always suppressed me. But it doesn’t matter because now they are disclosing truth. And now I could expect soon we’ll hear news, “Hey, we have found life on Mars. Now Nasa is planning for a Mars base and colony”. I’m still believing that there are rodents on mars, life on mars.


About bruceleeeowe
An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

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