Project Blue Beam Patrol: Holographic Cops

I know this could help us in order to maintain security and lessening crime. Since 1961 U.S. Has experienced a 580% increase in violent crime and philanthropic BilderBerg group is concerned. Well all know that our municipal police forces are greatly out gunned and out number by the great number of heavily armed criminal that thrive in our cities. We simply can’t have enough constable on the street to ensure that their presence will maintain a more secure society. Police patrol serves two functions, obviously they are there to enforce the law, but the most important role of a police officer on patrol to prevent the crimes from occuring. The officer serves as a deterrent to potential crime simply by his or her presence. Studies have shown that just the fact that an armed officer of of the law stands within they makes people for loss likely to commit a crime. Thus after careful research and study the BilderBerg group is prove to unveil “Project Blue Beam Patrol”. In cooperation with TRW space and technology, NASA and othe world space agencies, the BilderBerg group has developed a series of three stationary satellites with advanced lasers technology that enable them to project holographic images onto the Earth’s surface from outer space!

This amazing technology allows Project Blue Beam Patrol to create holographic decoys of police officers that will patrol our city streets along with and among our own finest. The criminals will not be able to tell which of them are real and which are not? It will create total confusion among criminals. And their tendency to crime will simply reduced. Very amazing technology. These 4D holograms could reduce some crimes but not eliminate at all.


About bruceleeeowe
An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

One Response to Project Blue Beam Patrol: Holographic Cops

  1. vincent valerio says:

    send more information about the blue beam hologram project.
    if you have data on touchable holograms, or Holo Rape Possibility, I am looking for Evidence.

    Thank you.


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