Human Cloning, Surrogate Mother and Why Is It wrong?


Human cloning has always been connected with immortality, better capabilities and health. Well, cloning is a good idea for such sciences. Just take a cell from any client, add them to oval and then transplant into a surrogate mother. After sometime you will get a clone of client. And remember That’s all is going without sex. Of course there no sex just going through somewhat akin to blood testing process. I’ve think several times on this topic and scientists also say that this is the only way to be immortal. However, some also argued it as alternative to sexual reproduction. And this is the point that makes it blasphemous. Human cloning sentiments has always taken detour blasphemy and it is. And if it is legalized,our entire social skeleton would be collapsed. When we are dealing with the moral and legal aspects of human cloning, there seems to be nearly worldwide consensus that reproductive cloning is incompatible with human dignity and should be prohibited by law. There are many profounded argument regarding this. First there would be on meaning of terms like mother, father, brother. It would only like a biomachine world. Second it would lead to species devolution. Feelings to someone would be lost because there would be no meaning of such terms. Whole social world and relation, family and other terms would be trashed. Sex will then only be a amusement. I think science fiction could better explain this clone world. Clone will be used just as a factory for organs, girls and women just would somewhat akin to the factory of reproducting clones. I don’t go further in detail but if it legalized, it would be a total catastrophy for human dignity and human rights. This scenario seems more similar to a herd of advanced animals with no culture. One can sex everywhere anytime then what will happened. Our social structure will only be in strata. That’s why I’m finding this one as blasphemous and seriously it is . Specially in case of reproductive cloning.


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An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

18 Responses to Human Cloning, Surrogate Mother and Why Is It wrong?

  1. Arun says:

    Nice post.. Cloning shouldn’t be prohibited since it is revolutionary especially in medical. Anyway it shouldn’t be used for reproductive purposes.

  2. bruceleeeowe says:

    Ok…suppose it may be revolutionary in medical. But is it appropriate to make it legal without thinking social aspects? I don’t think so.

  3. Mark Louis says:

    Hmmm.. Why do you think cloning is blasphemous even when used in medical welfare? I don’t think cloning blame human rights. Are you disguising?

    • bruceleeeowe says:

      No, I’m not disguising, Mark! I’ve said cloning became blasphemous when it is termed as alternative to sexual reproduction. As per medical use I would suggest stem cell transplantation is better. As you have suggested using cloning in medical use(for organs and some other featured purposes), wouldn’t that be a human after all? Is that not violation of human rights? You are saying It’s not. Right? Think again, Mark! Give some more time to think on this intriguing topic. A long time debate on cloning’s legality is still held on.

      • Susan says:

        People should not be so narrow minded. It is easy to say cloning is blasphemous when you have not lost a child in an accident. Unless you have experienced the pain of a lost child, you could not understand.
        It would be a blessing to allow the family, such as mine, one to have a replica of their lost child. This would be a blessing, a God send. Although the clone would not be the same exact child. It will share the same DNA and look identical. It would have a different personalty like an identical twin has. The clone would never share the exact same experiences as the clone therefore being its own unique personality, having its own soul. If God did not want man to experiment with cloning he would not have allowed science on cloning to move ahead this far. It is a shame when people use their religious beliefs to hold back medicine, reproduction and technology. The people who claim cloning is unethical should look at themselves in the mirror.

        • Lucas says:

          Cloning a child that has been lost is selfish. What is the point in creating a human that looks exactly like one that has been lost if it will be a completely different person? If God wanted someone to have identical twins, he would have. The loss of a child is tragic, but that is God’s plan. I am in favor of cloning for stem cell research and regenerative medicine, but am against reproductive cloning.

      • bruceleeeowe says:

        Hi Susan,
        I’m agree with you that people shouldn’t be so narrow minded that make them unable to interpret whether it is in right way or not. I’m against developing human factory by cloning.

  4. gaurav says:

    i want how this technique used in human and also photos of this example.

  5. Spouffapavy says:

    Do you have copy writer for so good articles? If so please give me contacts, because this really rocks! πŸ™‚

  6. Peter says:

    I think it’s naive to say that everything in society will dissolve by cloning alone, what you depict is quite an extreme scenario; no love, sex is already almost only for amusement (now we get into contraceptives which is its own argument), no family terms (what about adoptions?)… etc. Legalizing cloning doesn’t mean it doesn’t have to be regulated.

    Cloning is merely creating identical copies, that doesn’t necessarily mean individuals; we don’t have to clone entire people. And when you say devolution, it is possible to alter DNA, combine it, or change the gene pool in some way as to avoid identical gene propagation.

    Cloning ending the world, ruining society? Please, you should be more worried about pollution and global warming, now thats some scary $#!+ πŸ˜‰

  7. bruceleeeowe says:

    Ok,you said it is possible to alter DNA, will that would be similar to natural evolution. just take the examples from clones which were already created and if you have noticed how many of them died after completing their estimated life span. perhaps none. It is observed that cloned animals are more sensitive to diseases and they can’t resist as natural one. I think you should look around this site and then you should say something about me. I’ve already taken care of global warming issue and other threats. Currently I’m debating on uranium because I don’t find it sustainable to environment. and many other issues involved.

  8. John Morley says:

    The everyday hypothetical aspects of the human cloning issue are interestingly covered in a TV movie I saw recently; it was sort of a ‘what if’ scenario that dramatized the decision of a young single mother to clone her daughter. Some of it was a bit hokey, but other parts were pretty apt.

    Not sure if it’s still playing, but here’s the website:

  9. Czechrite says:

    I’m surprised that some people are more concerned that cloning will “end the world” and seem less concerned with more immediate threats like global warming, hunger and its effect on political destabilization, and several wars and areas of concern….I think cloning is a much smaller concern.

  10. Avni Mehta says:

    You know what! I don’t think that this topic is debateable.
    First of all, science hasn’t really given a lot of info. about cloning.
    So, we can’t debate on whether it is right or not.
    Secondly, it is not a run of the mill activity. So, why worry!
    Give it a chill dude…
    Debate when d time is right..

  11. shahmy says:

    excuse me friends! i wonna to know one thing ?
    that is “did we can get same DNA process in cloning soul ?
    plz replay me friendz

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