Update:Alien Graveyard Found

Scientists say they have
found an extraterrestrial
cemetery in central Africa
that is at least 500 years
“There must be 200
bodies buried there and
not a single one of them is
human, ” Dr. Hugo Childs,
the Swiss anthropologist,
told reporters in Kigali,
Rwanda. They are in
amazing state of
preservation to be so old,”
he added. “Soil and tissue
samples indicate the
bodies have been in the
ground since the 1400s.
We ’re now trying to figure
out where they came from
– and what killed them.”
Dr. Childs and his
colleagues reportedly
discovered the alien
graveyard on a routine
survey of the Rwandan
They originally thought
they had stumbled on the
remains of a centuries-old
village. But excavation
reportedly revealed
nothing but alien bodies –
stacked in fives in a jungle
“The creatures themselves
were much taller and
skinnier than humans,”
said the expert. They
stood about 7 feet tall and
they were not any bigger
around than small sapling
trees. Their heads were
larger than the average
man’s and they had no
mouth, nose or eyes to
speak of. I assume that
they communicated with
one another telepathically
and moved around like
bats with some kind of
biological radar.”
Without further study
there is no way to tell for
sure what killed the
But Dr. Childs speculated
that the 200 aliens were
part of a single landing
party that encountered a
deadly virus. Because they
would have had no
immunity to Earth disease,
he added, something as
simple as the flu could
have wiped out the entire
“Some of them must have
survived because there is
no evidence of a spaceship
to be found, ” said Dr.
Childs. “Of course, as our
excavation effort
continues, there ’s no
telling what we may run
across. ”
Dr. Childs would not take
reporters to the site, for
fear of the bodies being
disturbed. However, he
promised to reveal the
location once the
excavation was complete.
“ It will change the world,”
Dr. Childs said.


About bruceleeeowe
An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

One Response to Update:Alien Graveyard Found

  1. adam says:

    has anyone heard if their are any new updates on this article?

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