Swine Flu: Is It Another Conspiracy?

Czech newspapers are
questioning if the shocking
discovery of vaccines
contaminated with the deadly
avian flu virus which were
distributed to 18 countries by
the American company Baxter
were part of a conspiracy to
provoke a pandemic.
The claim holds weight because,
according to the very laboratory
protocols that are routine for
vaccine makers, mixing a live
virus biological weapon with
vaccine material by accident is
virtually impossible.
“The company that released
contaminated flu virus material
from a plant in Austria confirmed
Friday that the experimental
product contained live H5N1
avian flu viruses,” reports the
Canadian Press.
Baxter flu vaccines contaminated
with H5N1 – otherwise known as
the human form of avian flu, one
of the most deadly biological
weapons on earth with a 60%
kill rate – were received by labs in
the Czech Republic, Germany, and
Initially, Baxter attempted to
stonewall questions by invoking
“trade secrets” and refused to
reveal how the vaccines were
contaminated with H5N1.
After increased pressure they
then claimed that pure H5N1
batches were sent by accident.
This was seemingly an attempt to
quickly change the story and
hide the fact that the accidental
contamination of a vaccine with
a deadly biological agent like
avian flu is virtually impossible
and the only way it could have
happened was by willful gross
criminal negligence.
According to a compiled
translation from Czech
newspaper stories, the media
over there is asking tough
questions about whether the
contamination was part of a
deliberate attempt to start a
“Was this just a criminal
negligence or it was an attempt
to provoke pandemia using
vaccination against flu to spread
the disease – as happened with
the anti-B hepatitis vaccination
with vaccines containing the HIV
virus in US? – and then cash for
the vaccines against H5N1 which
Baxter develops?
How could on Earth a virus as
H5N1 come to the ordinary flu
vaccines? Don’t they follow even
basic precautions in the
American Pharma companies?”
states the translation.
The fact that Baxter mixed the
deadly H5N1 virus with a mix of
H3N2 seasonal flu viruses is the
smoking gun.
The H5N1 virus on its own has
killed hundreds of people, but it
is less airborne and more
restricted in the ease with which
it can spread. However, when
combined with seasonal flu
viruses, which as everyone
knows are super-airborne and
easily spread, the effect is a
potent, super-airbone, super
deadly biological weapon.
As the Canadian Press article
“While H5N1 doesn’t easily infect
people, H3N2 viruses do. If
someone exposed to a mixture
of the two had been
simultaneously infected with
both strains, he or she could
have served as an incubator for a
hybrid virus able to transmit
easily to and among people.”
There can be little doubt
therefore that this was a
deliberate attempt to weaponize
the H5N1 virus to its most potent
extreme and distribute it via
conventional flu vaccines to the
population who would then
infect others to a devastating
degree as the disease went
The Canadian Press article states,
“That mixing process, called
reassortment, is one of two ways
pandemic viruses are created,”
but then claims that there is no
evidence that this is what Baxter
were doing, despite there being
no clear explanation as to why
Baxter has samples of the live
avian flu virus on its premises in
the first place.
However, to reiterate, the key
aspect of this story is that it is
virtually impossible for live avian
flu virus to find its way into a
vaccine by “accident”.
As health expert Mike Adams
points out,
“The shocking answer is that this
couldn’t have been an accident.
Why? Because Baxter
International adheres to
something called BSL3 (Biosafety
Level 3) – a set of laboratory
safety protocols that prevent the
cross-contamination of
As explained on Wikipedia:
“Laboratory personnel have
specific training in handling
pathogenic and potentially lethal
agents, and are supervised by
competent scientists who are
experienced in working with
these agents. This is considered
a neutral or warm zone.
All procedures involving the
manipulation of infectious
materials are conducted within
biological safety cabinets or
other physical containment
devices, or by personnel wearing
appropriate personal protective
clothing and equipment. The
laboratory has special
engineering and design
Under the BSL3 code of conduct,
it is impossible for live avian flu
viruses to contaminate
production vaccine materials that
are shipped out to vendors
around the world.
This leaves only two possibilities
that explain these events:
1. Possibility #1: Baxter isn’t
following BSL3 safety guidelines
or is so sloppy in following them
that it can make monumental
mistakes that threaten the safety
of the entire human race. And if
that’s the case, then why are we
injecting our children with
vaccines made from Baxter’s
2. Possibility #2: A rogue employee
(or an evil plot from the top
management) is present at
Baxter, whereby live avian flu
viruses were intentionally placed
into the vaccine materials in the
hope that such materials might
be injected into humans and set
off a global bird flu pandemic.
Spreading bird flu would create
an instantaneous surge of
demand for bird flu vaccines. The
profits that vaccine companies
such as Baxter International
could reap out of such a panic
are astronomical.
In addition, as we have
previously reported, those that
have a stake in the Tamiflu
vaccine (Oseltamivir) include top
globalists and Bilderberg
members like:
George Shultz
Lodewijk J.R. de Vink
former Secretary of Defense
Donald Rumsfeld
Authorities in both Europe and
the U.S. have openly detailed
plans for martial law, quarantine
and internment should a bird flu
pandemic occur.
The other motivation, as we have
exhaustively documented on this
website for years, is the fact that
elites throughout history have
openly stated that they want to
see a world population reduction
of around 80 per cent.
Shocking stories like this take the
plausibility of that narrative out
of the realms of conspiracy
theory and into the dangerous
reality of conspiracy fact.
“Baxter is acting a whole lot like
a biological terrorism
organization these days, sending
deadly viral samples around the
world. If you mail an envelope full
of anthrax to your Senator, you
get arrested as a terrorist. So
why is Baxter — which mailed
samples of a far more deadly viral
strain to labs around the world
— getting away with saying,
essentially, ‘Oops’?”, Adams
This is not the first time that
vaccine companies have been
caught distributing vaccines
contaminated with deadly
In 2006 it was revealed that
Bayer Corporation had
discovered that their injection
drug, which was used by
hemophiliacs, was contaminated
with the HIV virus.
Internal documents prove that
after they positively knew that
the drug was contaminated, they
took it off the U.S. market only to
dump it on the European, Asian
and Latin American markets,
knowingly exposing thousands,
most of them children, to the live
HIV virus.
Government officials in France
went to prison for allowing the
drug to be distributed. The
documents show that the FDA
colluded with Bayer to cover-up
the scandal and allowed the
deadly drug to be distributed
No Bayer executives ever faced
arrest or prosecution in the
United States.


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5 Responses to Swine Flu: Is It Another Conspiracy?

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  4. dad2059 says:

    I used to think it was, but now I don’t since I got a swine flu shot a month ago.

    All I got was a sore shoulder for a couple of days.

    I think the government botched up the meme so bad they let the real nutcases get the upperhand on the message.

    But people should research on their own if they’re able to in order to get the right info.

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