Time is Multidimensional: Another Concept

When we think about time, we think of a linear one-dimensional aspect of our universe that exists as the fourth dimension in our physical universe. However the extraterrestrial UFOs and advanced alien civilizations are providing us some clues to the true nature of time.

Time is actually multidimensional. An entity can coexist in many different time dimensions at the same time. In other words you exist here and you also exist in many other instances. Simply put, there are really many of “you”.

They are independent in their own axis but are connected to form the entire entity. The existence of the same entity in many dimensions is part of the real existence.

Close encounters with the extraterrestrial UFOs and alien civilizations takes place in a separate time dimension. That is why those who have such experiences are totally perplexed about the validity of such meetings or encounters.

Parallel entities in different but independent time dimensions provide the clues for supporting the theories of telepathy and after death scenarios. It is possible to coexist in many parallel time dimensions and some of these are totally nonexistent in our physical universe.

Do we coexist as a separate entity when we dream? No say experts; the same entity coexists in multiple time dimensions. This is also true when we think about someone and mentally will them to get something done. That is also the essence of the positive thinking, prayers and and other similar phenomenon. .

The Theory of relativity does not allow perception of time being multidimensional. But contemporary physics has already found the extension of Einstein’s theory to accommodate time as a multidimensional phenomenon.

Advanced alien civilizations know the techniques of coexisting in many time dimensions. For example, they can live their own life in the alien world and at the same time they can travel to a distant place in space using a different time axis.

Once we master this technology, we will literally be able to create multiples of us working different things at the same time.

Computer algorithms can model multiple time dimensions and an entity in the physical universe can be seen in the model to coexist simultaneously in many time dimensions.


About bruceleeeowe
An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

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