Is It Real:Mysticism of Great Pyramid and Sphinx

Any time you allege a conspiracy is afoot, especially in the field of science, you are treading on thin ice. We tend to be very skeptical about conspiracies–unless the Mafia or some Muslim radicals are behind the alleged plot. But the evidence is overwhelming and the irony is that much of it is in plain view.

The good news is that the players are obvious. Their game plan and even their play-by-play tactics are transparent, once you learn to spot them. However, it is not so easy to penetrate through the smokescreen of propaganda and disinformation to get to their underlying motives and goals. It would be convenient if we could point to a plumber’s unit and a boldface liar like Richard Nixon, but this is a more subtle operation.

The bad news: the conspiracy is global and there are many vested interest groups. A cursory investigation yields the usual suspects: scientists with a theoretical axe to grind, careers to further and the status quo to maintain. Their modus operandi is “The Big Lie” — and the bigger and more widely publicized, the better.

They rely on invoking their academic credentials to support their arguments, and the presumption is that no one has the right to question their authoritarian pronouncements that:

  1. there is no mystery about who built the Great Pyramid or what the methods of construction were, and the Sphinx shows no signs of water damage
  2. there were no humans in the Americas before 20,000 BC
  3. the first civilization dates back no further than 6000 BC
  4. there are no documented anomalous, unexplained or enigmatic data to take into account
  5. there are no lost or unaccounted-for civilizations.

Let the evidence to the contrary be damned!

Personal Attacks: Dispute over Age of the Sphinx and Great Pyramid

In 1993, NBC in the USA aired The Mysteries of the Sphinx, which presented geological evidence showing that the Sphinx was at least twice as old (9,000 years) as Egyptologists claimed. It has become well known as the “water erosion controversy”. An examination of the politicking that Egyptologists deployed to combat this undermining of their turf is instructive.Giza pyramids and how.

Self-taught Egyptologist John Anthony West brought the water erosion issue to the attention of geologist Dr Robert Schoch. They went to Egypt and launched an intensive on-site investigation. After thoroughly studying the Sphinx first hand, the geologist came to share West’s preliminary conclusion and they announced their findings.

Dr Zahi Hawass, the Giza Monuments chief, wasted no time in firing a barrage of public criticism at the pair. Renowned Egyptologist Dr Mark Lehner, who is regarded as the world’s foremost expert on the Sphinx, joined his attack. He charged West and Schoch with being “ignorant and insensitive”. That was a curious accusation which took the matter off the professional level and put the whole affair on a personal plane. It did not address the facts or issues at all and it was highly unscientific.

But we must note the standard tactic of discrediting anyone who dares to call the accepted theories into question. Shifting the focus away from the issues and “personalizing” the debate is a highly effective strategy–one which is often used by politicians who feel insecure about their positions. Hawass and Lehner invoked their untouchable status and presumed authority. (One would think that a geologist’s assessment would hold more weight on this particular point.)

A short time later, Schoch, Hawass and Lehner were invited to debate the issue at the American Association for the Advancement of Science. West was not allowed to participate because he lacked the required credentials.

This points to a questionable assumption that is part of the establishment’s arsenal: only degreed scientists can practice science. Two filters keep the uncredentialled, independent researcher out of the loop: (1) credentials, and (2) peer review. You do not get to number two unless you have number one.

Science is a method that anyone can learn and apply. It does not require a degree to observe and record facts and think critically about them, especially in the non-technical social sciences. In a free and open society, science has to be a democratic process.

Be that as it may, West was barred. The elements of the debate have been batted back and forth since then without resolution. It is similar to the controversy over who built the

This brings up the issue of The Big Lie and how it has been promoted for generations in front of God and everyone. The controversy over how the Great Pyramid was constructed is one example. It could be easily settled if Egyptologists wanted to resolve the dispute. A simple test could be designed and arranged by impartial engineers that would either prove or disprove their longstanding disputed theory–that it was built using the primitive tools and methods of the day, circa 2500 BC.

Why hasn’t this been done?


The answer is so obvious, it seems impossible: they know that the theory is bogus. Could a trained, highly educated scientist really believe that 2.3 million tons of stone, some blocks weighing 70 tons, could have been transported and lifted by primitive methods? That seems improbable, though they have no compunction against lying to the public, writing textbooks and defending this theory against alternative theories. However, we must note that they will not subject themselves to the bottom-line test.Sumeria no earlier than 4000 BC. The theory does not permit an advanced civilization to have existed prior to that time. End of discussion. Archaeology and history lose their meaning without a fixed timeline as a point of reference.The biological sciences today are based on Darwinism.

The case of author Michael Cremo is well documented, and it also demonstrates how the scientific establishment openly uses pressure tactics on the media and government. His book Forbidden Archeology examines many previously ignored examples of artifacts that prove modern man’s antiquity far exceeds the age given in accepted chronologies.

We think it is incumbent upon any scientist to bear the burden of proof of his/her thesis; however, the social scientists who make these claims have never stood up to that kind of scrutiny. That is why we must suspect a conspiracy. No other scientific discipline would get away with bending the rules of science. All that Egyptologists have ever done is bat down alternative theories using underhanded tactics. It is time to insist that they prove their own proposals.

Why would scientists try to hide the truth and avoid any test of their hypothesis? Their motivations are equally transparent. If it can be proved that the Egyptians did not build the Great Pyramid in 2500 BC using primitive methods, or if the Sphinx can be dated to 9000 BC, the whole house of cards comes tumbling down. Orthodox views of cultural evolution are based upon a chronology of civilization having started in

Since the theory of “cultural evolution” has been tied to Darwin’s general theory of evolution, even more is at stake. Does this explain why facts, anomalies and enigmas are denied, suppressed and/or ignored? Yes, it does.

The examples which he and his co-author present are controversial, but the book became far more controversial than the contents when it was used in a documentary.

In 1996, NBC broadcast a special called The Mysterious Origins of Man, which featured material from Cremo’s book. The reaction from the scientific community went off the Richter scale. NBC was deluged with letters from irate scientists who called the producer “a fraud” and the whole program “a hoax”.

But the scientists went further than this–a lot further. In an extremely unconscionable sequence of bizarre moves, they tried to force NBC not to rebroadcast the popular program, but that effort failed. Then they took the most radical step of all: they presented their case to the federal government and requested the Federal Communications Commission to step in and bar NBC from airing the program again.

This was not only an apparent infringement of free speech and a blatant attempt to thwart commerce, it was an unprecedented effort to censor intellectual discourse. If the public or any government agency made an attempt to handcuff the scientific establishment, the public would never hear the end of it.

The letter to the FCC written by Dr Allison Palmer, President of the Institute for Cambrian Studies, is revealing:

At the very least, NBC should be required to make substantial prime-time apologies to their viewing audience for a sufficient period of time so that the audience clearly gets the message that they were duped. In addition, NBC should perhaps be fined sufficiently so that a major fund for public science education can be established.I think we have some good leads on who “the Brain Police” are. And I really do not think “conspiracy” is too strong a word–because for every case of this kind of attempted suppression that is exposed, 10 others are going on successfully.

We have no idea how many enigmatic artifacts or dates have been labeled “error” and tucked away in storage warehouses or circular files, never to see the light of day.


About bruceleeeowe
An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

13 Responses to Is It Real:Mysticism of Great Pyramid and Sphinx

  1. Morlina says:

    I think pyramids are mere ancient than depicted. Damn, skeptics have always denied and falsified it.
    They are just abunch of idiots!

  2. dad2059 says:

    Zahi Hawass and Lerner are the worst of the bunch when it comes to mainstream archeology, they feel their word is law and all else is swatted down.

    • bruceleeeowe says:

      Yeah, dad2059, I’m agree with you! Perhaps they haven’t enough mind to do think other than their fucking saying..Albeit I suggest them to do so…

  3. Bruceleeeowe says:

    Morlina, I should have to agree with your comments. However they are powered by conspiracy instead being stupid. I don’t know why they are not revealing the actual age, alleging conspiracy over conspiray. Perhaps to save the long held enigma of darwin. Dogma is big enough. You think. Scientist have to rebuilt a new theory of origin of human. I find it easy rather to save the long held enigma of linear evolution.

  4. Glenn says:

    Conspiracy conspiracy conspiracy. There are so many independent thinkers in science, this is why the peer review process works. I’m not so sure uncredentialled enthusiasts should be be weighed in for a debate. How do you run before you can walk?
    Believing artifacts are being hidden away as part of a conspiracy is the height of idiocy.

  5. bruceleeeowe says:

    Hi Glenn,
    I would suggest you to crawl over M. Cremo’s book Forbidden Archeology. He has cited the credible sources to his argument including scientific american and many other sources. Just another room for thought. Nice to see your comment.

  6. K. Margiani says:


    The Sphinx and three pyramids are markers of time of new αώ (alpha-omega) cycle that will be finished after few centuries in 2,400 ± 50. This is a message sent by ancient civilization to us about finished old αώ (alpha-omega) cycle. Ancient anniversary Zep-Tepi had been sacred to new αώ (alpha-omega) cycle and was the proof about the beginning of the new αώ (alpha-omega) epoch.
    We have a greatest epoch of the prohibited History. Lots of artifacts of the pre-flood history are forbidden by false “fathers” of the mainstreams. 30,000 Atlantian or Olmecian artifacts found by Scottish Mineralogist and Archeologist William Niven are hidden in the museums of New York and Mexico. Lots of so called “researches” are written for the money, not for the Truth. They could rise lots of money for the falsification of the our real history. “Fathers” of the falsifications led by Dr. Zahi Hawass and Dr . Mark Lehner have the ostrich position against the modern discoveries made by many investigators. These video clips in the link are taken from the interesting investigations and closely connected to the much more sensational discovery that the Atlantis City. If you know Geology can understand everything!

    The Giza complex is sacred to the global geo-catastrophe that started on 21 October 12,475 (10,465 B.C.) years ago. Sphinx indicates epoch of the event, i.e. Leo’s epoch. Three stars of the Orion’s belt indicate the three Giza pyramids at the event boundary and causeway from the middle pyramid to the sphinx indicates sunrise, i.e. 21-22, 23 October during the event. Of 21 October to 23 October continued EB geo-transfer and terrible earthquakes that formed last global deluge all over the Earth. Under the crust situates huge Magma Ocean. Approximately deepness of the fiery Magma Ocean is measured ~400km. Mantle plumes discovered by many geologists are the proofs about powerful liquid waves within the Magma Ocean. The waves are formed by penetration or rapid movement of the fiery liquid masses from the outer nucleus into the Magma Ocean (Asthenosphere). Reversal and recovery of the global Magnetic field, powerful wave deformation of the crust, runaway subductions and kilometers high tsunamis and partially or global extinctions are the side effects only.

    The Giza project began by survived Atlantians after 10,465 B.C. and finished approximately in 10,400 B.C. Of course the project had been sacred to last global deluge. Thus minimal age of the Sphinx and three pyramids is that – 10.400+2010=12.410 years. It has no alternative. Whole Elite of the modern Geology want to say to egyptologist that the Sphinx has the much older age but the egyptologists have the ostrich position ??????

    Thus the megalithic complex of the Giza sacred to last global deluge in 10,465B.C. To explain each periodical global deluge we have the additional proofs as well. There are discovered shift and reversal of the magnetic poles by many scientists. Scientific falsifications are interrelated to the wrong authorities and they have the ostrich position against my discoveries but the reversal events have been discovered by best scientists, best intellectuals of the world. Each reversal event has an interesting and only explanation. These events are the proofs about powerful liquid waves within outer nucleus. Only one force of the universe can do it. This is an amazing geological force EB geo-transfer. It causes penetration or rapid movement the outer nucleus masses under the crust and mantle plumes, powerful liquid waves within Magma Ocean, deformation all over the crust, kilometers high tsunamis and shifting all lithosphere platforms over the 1000-1500km. Shift of the geographical poles are discovered by many scientists as well. shift of all lithosphere platforms over the 1000-1500km means drifting of the continents for few days over the 1000-1500km. Only one force of the universe can do something like this – powerful liquid waves under the crust, within Magma Ocean.

    Thus future of the modern geology is that Gradualism + catastrophic plate tectonics [periodical global deluges all over the earth]. It means that every 7,000-13,000 years runaway subduction and drifting of the continents for few days over the 1000-1500km.

    Best wishes,
    K. Margiani

    Founder new field of science Cosmogeology

  7. bruceleeeowe says:

    your work is extremely good. I’ll put a link to your website. I appreciate it. I’m not an expert in this field but just know enough.

  8. K. Margiani says:

    Thank you Bruceleeeowe!
    Best wishes,
    K. Margiani
    Founder new field of science Cosmogeology

    • K. Margiani says:

      The Egyptology – pseudoscientific field.
      I’m very sorry but this is the truth. Modern Egyptology is died and needs to be recovery from the new roots. Triumph of the false degrees and false authorities have already produced dead full crisis in the historical sciences as well. Who is the blame?
      1. For decades falsification of the mankind’s history by false degrees.
      2. Lots of “researches” on ancient history, written for the money, not for the truth.
      3. The false dating for the pre-flood (before 10,465 B.C.) and post-flood megalithic constructions.
      4. Absolutely ignorance of the geological data in dating for the pre-flood (before 10,465 B.C.) and post-flood megalithic constructions.
      5. Non-scientific hysteria in the mass-media against true discoveries on forgotten greatest history.
      6. An amazing discoveries by Rene Schwaller de Lubicz, John Anthony West, Dr. Robert shock, Graham Hancock, Prof. Charles H. Hapgood, William Niven and other intellectuals including my ground breaking investigations.
      7. Silence by many Egyptologists about the amazing discoveries.
      8. Selective investigations with disappearance of the many unacceptable data.
      Falsification of the greatest pre-flood and post-flood history, mainly began by first Egyptologists and have come to the extreme limit by modern Egyptologists led by greatest false-makers and false authorities of the historical sciences: Dr. Zahi Hawass and Dr . Mark Lehner. Restoration date of the pre-flood and post-flood megalithic construction does not mean that the amazing artifacts have been built at the dynastic epoch?????
      I’m ready to defend each my word in the debates or in the law-court. I’ve ordered the place in the “scientific graveyard” for the Egyptology. An amazing truth on pre-flood and post-flood history is decoded and all old books on history should be edited to rewrite…
      “Ostriches’ and ignorantes’ ” have already killed the science and the Egyptology is rotten to the bones.
      I’m vary sorry once again on my world announcement – Egyptology as a science has already DIED!…

      K. Margiani
      Founder new field of science Cosmogeology

      P.S. Bruceleeeowe I want to invite you in the forum of the best scientists and investigators. You can find in the link how to join…
      Best wishes – K.M.

  9. K. Margiani says:

    All well-known pyramids of Egypt: “Khufu’s”, “Khafre’s”, “Menkaure’s”, Djoser’s, Meidum, bent and red pyramids are sacred to Atlantis people, to revere souls of the Atlantis people. Additionally the Giza complex exactly indicates the astronomical date of the deluge (22±1 October 10,465B.C.). Thus the Giza complex had been sacred to global deluge in 10,465B.C. as well. Symbolical graves in the pyramids have been sacred to victims, to their souls. The treasures, things and tools in the closed rooms of the pyramids are the heavenly gifts for the souls.

    Best wishes,
    K. Margiani
    Founder new field of science Cosmogeology

  10. K. Margiani says:

    Sensational news for the mankind and the ground breaking news for the modern Egyptologists!
    Deadlines for the Giza complex (Three pyramids and Sphinx) and other four epochal pyramids!

    Giza Complex → ≈ 10,400 B.C.
    1. Red Pyramid → 30 June 10,172 B.C. (1- st Thoth → first epochal heliacal rise of the star Sirius after the global deluge)
    2. Bent Pyramid → 3 July 8,699 B.C. ([2 step] 1- st Thoth → Second epochal heliacal rise of the star Sirius after the global deluge)
    3. Meidum Pyramid → 6 July 7,226 B.C. ([3 step] 1- st Thoth → Third epochal heliacal rise of the star Sirius after the global deluge)
    6. Step Pyramid → 15 July 2,807 B.C. ([6 step] 1- st Thoth → sixth epochal heliacal rise of the star Sirius after the global deluge)
    The Giza complex had been built by survived Atlantians. Using Intellectual and technical forces of the survived colonies the complex was sacred to Atlantis people to revere souls of the people. Using the stellar coordinates of the Sun, Leo and Orion, exact date of the Deluge had been written in the complex. Of course the complex was sacred to last global deluge as well.
    1. Using survived metallic instruments and geo-polymeric technologies Deadline for the Red Pyramid was interrelated to Egyptian epochal new year 1- st Thoth, → first epochal heliacal rise of the star Sirius after the global deluge.
    The pyramid had been built by Intellectual and technical forces of the survived colonies. Red pyramid was sacred to Atlantis people to revere souls of the people.
    2. Using survived metallic instruments and geo-polymeric technologies Deadline for the Bent Pyramid was interrelated to Egyptian epochal new year 1- st Thoth, → second epochal heliacal rise of the star Sirius after the global deluge.
    The pyramid had been built by Intellectual and technical forces of the survived colonies. Bent Pyramid has two steps and was sacred to Atlantis people to revere souls of the people.
    3. Using remaining metallic instruments Deadline for the Meidum Pyramid was interrelated to Egyptian epochal new year 1- st Thoth, → Third epochal heliacal rise of the star Sirius after the global deluge.
    The pyramid had been built by Intellectual and technical forces of the survived colonies. Meidum pyramid has three steps and was sacred to Atlantis people to revere souls of the people. Assimilated generation of the Atlantis people because of inter race wedding: kings, territorial rulers, elites, priests, etc worldwide could not save the ancient knowledge and technologies. Using limestone of the huge pre-flood pyramid, Meidum pyramid had built on base of the pre-flood pyramid. Survived base of the pre-flood pyramid has the pre-flood geographical orientations. Meidum pyramid has the modern geographical orientations.
    ——- For millenniums metallic instruments
    have been eaten by corrosion.
    ——- For millenniums the assimilated generation to primitive
    aborigines could loss almost all wisdom and technologies.
    ——- For millenniums survived cities built by Atlantians
    worldwide have been destroyed by wild tribes.
    6. Using new bronze instruments Deadline for the Djoser’s step Pyramid was interrelated to Egyptian epochal new year 1- st Thoth, → Sixth epochal heliacal rise of the star Sirius after the global deluge.
    The pyramid had been built by intellectual and technical forces of the Egyptian people led by elites – assimilated generation of the pre-flood race from Atlantis. The step pyramid has six steps and was sacred to Atlantis people to revere souls of the people.
    The amazing and impressive things made by Atlantians have been discovered in the Djoser’s step pyramid only. The closed (secret) rooms of the Red, Bent, Meidum and the Giza pyramids are awaiting discoverers still. We have the proofs on archeological working at the dynastic epoch to find the closed secret rooms in the pyramids. Pharaohs were looking for treasures, things, weapons …etc made by Atlantis.
    Symbolical meaning of the four epochal pyramids (red, bent, medium and step) is a Garden of Eden → Dim stars under the Orion’s belt.
    Thus falsifications of the mankind’s History are decoded!
    I’m sure the Falsifiers are “glad”!
    Atlantis had been sunken in the Atlantic Ocean in 10,465 B.C.
    There are many left-handed individuals in the Indo-European race still and among the Negroids as well.
    Ruler of the most powerful country is a left-handed individual – Obama.
    Wandering genes of the left-handed race have many individuals of the world.
    These genes are dispersed in the Indo-European race mainly.
    Suddenly these genes can explode in your generation, please don’t wonder!
    Please don’t wonder if you are an assimilated individual of the natural left-handed race from Atlantis.
    Etymology of the word Atlantian came from Atl-atum “souls of water”
    Most famous pre-flood joke was that – “Even the blood is a blue”
    Name of a member of the aristocracy came from Atlantis – “Blue-blooded”
    Elites of the almost all countries; kings, queens, priests, aristocracy…etc came from Atlantis.
    Everything started from the pre-flood agriculture development worldwide.
    Name of the Atlantic Ocean is interrelated to Atlantis
    Source of all myths and legends generally is interrelated to Atlantis.

    Best wishes
    K. Margiani
    Founder new field of science Cosmogeology

  11. K. Margiani says:

    Lots of False Atlantises and only one Real Atlantis beyond the pillars of Hercules!

    Decoded secrets of the Apocalypse, Atlantis, Hermes Trismegistus and Giza complex

    Best wishes
    K. Margiani
    Founder new field of science Cosmogeology
    The world’s first expert on Atlantis

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