Update: Why Has There been No Contact with Aliens?

I’ve talked about many possible and plausible aspects about how alien life could be, their behaviour and nature and one more thing if they are really existent, where are they? Why haven’t they contacted us? Many idea which I actually imitate are here . Though I tried to consider every scenario but perhaps, I missed one. Contact with aliens also depends upon searching tactics and parameters of aliens along with others. It has already been proposed that aliens may be of different forms with entirely different biochemisty. We know universe is filled with possibility. That’s why we can’t ignore the possibility of aliens being from a flaming environment of acids or freezy atmosphere of saturn like planet. Might they be silicon based or even ammonia or anything completely unknown to us. If they are advanced and have curiousity to know about universe it is expected by nature they would explore planets similar to their own home and they direct their message to planets similar to home planet. If there are really intelligent civilization , possibly we never receive their message cause they are different. Unless we go to saturn or titan or europa and set there a SETI program, then we could have hope. So there are more chances if we get acquainted to alien civilization, it would be more human like but advanced. Really important case scenario! Whatever else we could get in future , who knows?
[Credit: Mark Louis, a regular reader of this blog]


About bruceleeeowe
An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

One Response to Update: Why Has There been No Contact with Aliens?

  1. Mark Louis says:

    Thanks, Bruce! Putting this idea up here. This was important for our searching prospects. That’s why it comes more probable that we contact by radio signal only given by serendipity.

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