Why Aliens Are Hiding From Us..?

Here is the post which I have saved yesterday as draft for some modification. This is on Why Aliens Are Hiding From Us..?

Why might aliens want to keep their presence among us a secret (if they were already here)?

Let’s assume for the moment that aliens are here among us, as some claim. This is highly improbable, as explained in this article, but not impossible. Here there’s three main scenarios:

(A) Some of the apparent human beings among us are extra-terrestrials, or humans trained or conditioned by aliens as agents to live and work among us, all the while gathering information on how we think, act, and live. Your best friend or spouse could be one and you’d never know it, as agents could be routinely controlled by devices on or in their person that would never permit a slip in their disguise. It’s even possible you yourself could be such an agent, but have no inkling of your participation in the program. The human mind is extraordinarily malleable, and can be made to perform all sorts of feats of self-obfuscation and other acts of reality bending.

(B) Roving alien craft are continually buzzing Earth aircraft and spacecraft, and abducting humans and animals for bizarre experiments, sampling, and examinations, as seen in popular media, circa the late 20th century.

(C) Both of the above.

In the case of (A) above, aliens would want to keep their presence a secret to protect their agents from the close scrutiny humanity as a whole might perform on themselves once the cat was out of the bag. They would also realize that revealing themselves would damage the quality of the data they were gathering through their agents, as humanity would be aware they were being watched somehow, and become more inhibited in many ways from acting as they normally would.

(B) is a much more difficult scenario to explain in any reasonable, logical fashion– after all, if the aliens wanted to be secretive, regularly buzzing aircraft and various civilized locations, as well as abducting every 1000th person they came across, would be a very dumb way of doing it. This would be so incongruous in fact, that you really couldn’t reconcile the two. Either they want secrecy, and so DON’T actually do things like this– or they don’t care for secrecy at all, and do whatever they want regardless of observation, which definitely isn’t the case either, since whatever may be happening in regards to alien visitation to the Earth these days, somebody (most likely the aliens) is doing quite a bit to prevent any hard evidence from falling into the hands of the human public.

Of course, there’s also the possibility that there’s more than one type of aliens involved– so that one kind goes around cleaning up all the hard evidence left behind by the messier verson. And no, merely human agents and organizations wouldn’t be capable of such clean ups unless they enjoyed the same advanced level of technology as the aliens– for the clean up jobs are simply too damn good for any purely human agency to achieve. The time frame is a problem for purely human clean up explanations too. For you see, 100% of all claimed UFO and/or alien encounters occurring worldwide over not just 50 years, but over centuries and possibly even millennia, have all worked out to be clean as a whistle so far as hard evidence is concerned. Or at least something so close to 100% clean that not a single piece of such evidence has ever managed to find its way to a credible public and scientific examination.

And yes, despite humanity’s inability to so thoroughly clean up after alien visitors in terms of hard evidence, some human involvement would still be necessary to erase, distort, or discredit other human efforts to document alien-related phenomena, in order to minimize or prevent any serious and substantial efforts to investigate them. Many folks firmly believe just such an alien-human conspiracy has been in place since around the end of World War II, if not before.

But again, if real UFOs have been buzzing around humanity for centuries or millennia with anything near the frequency claimed during the late 20th or early 21st century, then conspiracy theorists must explain how any such concerted human effort at a worldwide coverup could continue unabated through not just decades but centuries and millennia of wars, revolutions, religious transformations, exploration, and scientific discovery– not to mention tens or hundreds of different human generations. There simply isn’t any plausible explanation for how such a successful coverup could be maintained for so long, by so many, without any substantial breaks or gaps in the deceptions to blow the whole thing wide open.

Just about the only thing that could explain such a successful long term conspiracy would be if humanity and the Earth themselves were nothing more than a sophistocated computer simulation, in which the mystery user may easily set a parameter making the conspiracy unbreakable, period.

In other words, God would have to be responsible for it. If you think about it, there’s just as much hard evidence supporting the core tenets of most world religions as there is supporting aliens being responsible for UFOs.But still some folks insist that despite the lack of a single scrap of hard evidence from what is often claimed to be thousands of years of alien visitations to Earth, there does exist an overwhelming amount of anecdotal and/or eye-witness accounts, and various other bits of ‘soft’ evidence.


About bruceleeeowe
An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

12 Responses to Why Aliens Are Hiding From Us..?

  1. dad2059 says:

    The computer simulation theory sounds as good as any Bruce.

    In fact, many modern philosophers like Nick Bostrum think that’s the case; http://www.simulation-argument.com/

  2. bruceleeeowe says:

    Nick supported the the computer simulation theory. In fact he is one who promoted this theory. Even though I find some intriguing problem with his theory.
    Quite interestingly it support virtual part of holographic theory.

  3. Mark Louis says:

    Aliens will never like to confined within their perpetual universe. At the least they have something learned from Alexander. Most likely they should be dispersed into whole universe and antiuniverse or whatever beyond light speed horizon.

  4. What if the aliens have not contacted us, because they have nothing to gain from a species like our selves, which kills itself, other species, and the earth? I like to write about the possibilities of Aliens as well. I enjoyed your ideas. The aliens obviously have better technology then us, so they don’t need to learn from us in that regards.

    I wrote once how coral reef would be more interesting for them to study, since it is a living species that promotes all sorts of other species to live, as opposed to humans, which usually just drain life from the planet wherever we go. I just don’t think they have anything to gain by introducing themselves to our present society human race. Maybe they made themselves known to our species in the past, but I highly doubt that in our present state, that they want to be associated with us.

  5. bruceleeeowe says:

    Hi, Mike
    I think you are probably right. To understand my ideas better you should read my featured post Aliens Friendly or Hostile. your ideas are quite philosophical. You said The aliens obviously have
    better technology then us, so
    they don ’t need to learn from us
    in that regards.

    your argument is right to some extent but doesn’t explain all the cases. Read my post “Are We Alone?” to understands the case and there are many cases which were added by readers.
    well enjoyed your ideas too and reading some of your posts.

    • Hey Bruce, you can call me Andy. Ever since I started my blog I have wanted to have it be about all around entertaining things and subjects for the reader. I find the topics that you seem to enjoy writing about pretty interesting and entertaining. If you would ever want to post something on my blog from time to time, let me know, it could get some of my readers to your blog to read your other stuff as well. I think it could help us both out. Take care, Andy

  6. bruceleeeowe says:

    Thanks, andy… wouldn,t you like to contribute on weirdsciences.?

  7. of course I would….any boundaries?

  8. wow I just realized how quickly I just replied to you over a blog, I just checked my email a minute ago and saw your reply, I did not know how recent it was until I replied to it!

  9. Enigma Spot says:

    To live and die is not our purpose we are here to experience the wonders and creative world with faith and believe of spiritual feeling.

    If you look at a colony of ant’s we are still learning from them and to think we are not even close to that sort of thinking ore instincts. For example ant’s have Queens soldiers and workers and to compare that to us humans we have the same structure but one very interesting thing about this is that there is no second in command ore leader to the soldiers or the workers ho punish those ho go’s out of line ore do something wrong ? You may say they react on instinct but ho controls that instinct then. The same goes with Bees and a lot of other species. And to us the humans we find that entrusting and we try to be pure and good and follow our instinct.

    So we may not have technology but we have humanity that may be the only planet in the whole universe that act in groups and builds civilizations and have faith because it is our instinct and that alone can be very important to watch and observe for a race that does not understand the complexity of a power like this. We are a species’ that love one another but still have a hatred for one another. There can be many reasons that we don’t even think of that makes us Human and very entrusting to other species.

    One thing we do know about them in our history is that Aliens love spiritual believes and to be worshiped. So to think of it that may be the reason they don’t reveal them self to us like in ancient times for we are more spiritual and more civilized that we where thousands of years.

    And who will worship them if we have other god’s to worship we humans will destroy anything and everything for religion and we have done so many times and we still kill in the name of god’s today.

    Maybe they are watching us for the Real God has sent his Son to us to show us humans the true way to live and be spiritual. And they may be scared of us ore envy us because our planet our simple life form of humans was chosen by the True God that made them and us. They are looking for clues to their God by studying us.

    Even if we could use our brains at a 100% we still will not ever know what we are and how all of this started and came to be. So to say it simple it has always been there so don’t understand it just believe it.

  10. sentrynox says:

    Alien life is certainly existing on Earth! In 1993 the USGS have discovered an underground continent of over 320km long at 3200km deep under North America, at the border between the mantle and the external core. The USGS has detected a zone of high speed wave propagation, which can be explained only if the continent was made of a metal.
    But at that dept, no known metal on Earth, can sustain such heat and pressures!! Making certain believes that it is most probably an Alien ship, that can easily avoid any human interferences at such dept!
    It is quite easy to imagine, that if Aliens can travel light years of space, they could easily live underground!
    So the reason of hiding them so well from us, can gives munitions to those who think they want to control us!
    After all, humanity is the rarest ressource in the known Universe, as you can find gold, uraniums, and most minerals on Asteroids or other planets, but you won’t find a specie like ours, that has an unlimited creative potential and an unlimited destructive potential, any other places!
    This alone, worth all the gold in our solar system! Yet, our peoples do not recognize their true values! We are putting a sleep, to better control our potential, in marketing goods, that no one really needs, while we all live all crowded on a “spaceship” with no drivers, no steering wheels, orbiting a great fire ball, that only knows how to explode… Still we are stucked on our TV sets wondering about the love of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt!!
    Thats a real drama! So instead of pointing to conspiracy, it should be much better to wake-up, taking our lifes back into our hands, toward the essentials and not the superficial!
    So at least, if there are Aliens watching, us, they will gain more respect for us!

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