WeirdSciences News:Indian Secret Antigravity Research Program and Ancient Mysticism

India has always been famed for its ancient intelligence and very advanced culture which was developed when Darwin’s ape were wandering. Now a days Indian defence research scientist and engineer are working for a top secret projects. According to some sources in Pune, well known for defence programs, scientists are tight lipped and say they can’t speak till 2012. What is going to happen in 2012 no one knows but they keep saying before any question is asked “I know nothing”. If you keep your ears on these whispers you will realize India has tested something no one wants to talk about. It is break through in conventional physics and traditional mechanical and aeronautical engineering. Still the question comes back why shoul all stay quiet till 2012? Where did antigravity technology come from? Strange activities are continuously being observed in Indian side of Himalayas. According to sources it was an planned diversion, it came from indigenous researcher that were started just after the nuclear test in Pokharan and based on some Ancient Indian texts. India must research forgotten technologies that were part of Indian History Ramayan and the Mahabharata. When quizzed further Indira Gandhi mentioned that like ancient days we should be able to fly effortlessly. India will most likely announce the discovery as part of peaceful innovation series. But obviously military applications can make conventional missiles and aircrafts. And if whispers are right, India may be changing the world by 2012 forever but why the magic year 2012? Why every thing is kept secret till then?


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An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

6 Responses to WeirdSciences News:Indian Secret Antigravity Research Program and Ancient Mysticism

  1. Mark Louis says:

    Perhaps India is waiting for doomsday….nibiru and other cataclysmic series…at that time they will test their device if it is working…lol.

  2. bruceleeeowe says:

    mark, I am sure if whispers are true it will be very innovative..may be it is a secret project of India as CIA and DARPA are accused for.:Bis

  3. kumar says:

    it will b a great invention for the world and to know india’s capibility in defence . india is now emerging as new power with the world power and race has begine

  4. prashant says:

    If this is the case why India has spent so many dollors to send Chandrayan to moon .They should have sent anti gravity spacecrafts and would have saved money.

  5. karthik says:

    hi prashant,

    it under testing only. may be it will be true later..

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